We’ve expanded our development team and we’ve been hard at work improving the YouMail Android app.   Download our latest update and you’ll get:

1. Active Notifications

When you get a voicemail alert in the Notification Center, you can now easily call or txt back, or delete the voicemail.  No need to even use the app!




Just tap on the alert to play, or hold and slide to expose the action buttons.  If you’re a premium user, you can read the first part of the transcribed message.

2. Easy Access to Your Profile

We’ve redesigned our main menu (the one that you get to from the “hamburger” icon).   It now shows you your YouMail profile information and tapping on it lets you edit it.




This makes it easy to look great on auto-replies, and when you leave messages for other YouMail users.

3. Fast Access to Help  

Paid users can call or live chat instantly, right from the app.  And free users can much more easily search for solutions or e-mail us.




When you have a question or issue, just tap Help on the menu, and choose how you want help.

4. Simplified Settings

Our app settings are now reorganized to make it easy to customize YouMail just the way you want us.




Don’t be afraid to explore.  There’s a good chance we have a setting that’s just what you need.

5. Smart Blocking

YouMail’s new Smart Blocking feature will automatically play “This number out of service” for unwanted spam callers. See which ones were blocked by going to the hangups tab.




6. Bug Fixes Galore

Among the most important, you’ll see the app now:

  • Recognizes when Bluetooth is connected and uses it automatically.
  • Lets you permanently delete voicemail from the trash.
  • More clearly tell premium users why a message couldn’t be transcribed.

We know have a lot more work to do, and we’re already hard at work with the next batch of improvements to the app.  Our plan for our next release is to make the app faster across the board and to fix the complaints we’ve gotten about situations where we don’t provide a great experience when you actually play a voicemail.

But, please, tell us what you would like us to work on!

The YouMail Team