What is YouMail Smart Greeting?

YouMail provides you with excellent features to transform your voicemail service into a useful and helpful tool to improve your business and personal communications. Of YouMail’s many unique features, one of our favorites goes beyond ordinary voicemail functions to make sure your callers receive the best experience.

Smart Greeting is YouMail’s voicemail greeting that automatically addresses your callers by name and lets them know who they are calling. Example: “Hi John. Hannah can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message!”
How? When you upload your contacts to YouMail, YouMail uses this information to identify who’s calling. With YouMail you will have access to millions of numbers in our Call Directory, so even if you do not have that number saved in your contact list we may be able to identify them.

Benefits of Smart Greeting

Nobody likes it when their call goes to voicemail. Why let your voicemail greeting annoy your missed callers when you have the power to turn it into something they can enjoy? Here are a couple examples of how Smart Greeting can improve your call handling.

  • Make an impressive first impression. If you’re running your own small business, client care is important in the growth of your company. Make sure potential clients don’t lose interest in your business if you miss their call. Let them know you care about their business by greeting them by name even when you can’t speak to them personally.
  • Keep things professional. With Smart Greeting, you can keep a professional voicemail without having to record it yourself! Greeting business contacts by name is a great opportunity to showcase your ability to always communicate professionally.

How to Setup Smart Greeting

After downloading the app the Smart Greeting will automatically be set as your default. Choose to upload your contacts to YouMail so that we have access to your contacts’ phone numbers, names, and photographs. This allows us to greet your contacts by name and also give you a photo ID of your caller when you check your voicemail inbox later. Start greeting your callers intelligently today.

If you’d like access to a professional voicemail greeting that addresses your caller by name, gives them your name and your company name, upgrade to YouMail Business. Use the Business Smart Greeting to enhance your voicemail system even one step further.

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