What is Custom Voicemail Greetings?

We know the standard voicemail greeting that comes with your phone tends to be more of a nuisance to your callers than a tool to help you develop stronger communications. Often times, most callers will hang up as soon as their call goes to voicemail instead of actually leaving you a message. Stop deterring your callers from leaving you a voicemail. Assign a custom greeting to each of your contacts and you’ll encourage them to communicate with you.

Custom Greetings allow you to choose a specific voicemail greeting for individual contacts from our library of greetings. There are thousands to choose from! From Do Not Call tones to funny voicemail greetings, you’re sure to find one that suits each and every one of your callers.

Benefits of Custom Voicemail Greetings

  • Take care of all of your calls from the same phone. Since YouMail gives you the option to select a different greeting for each caller, you can have a separate greeting for your work contacts, family members, and your closest friends.
  • Give callers a greeting they can enjoy. If you and your best friend share a favorite movie or TV show, you’re bound to find a corresponding voicemail greeting from our community of greetings. Choose this greeting for your close contact and it’ll make their day!
  • Customize voicemail the way you want. Since our voicemail greetings are user submitted, you can always create your own audio file and upload it to our community of voicemail greetings!
  • Choose how many of your contacts get a custom greeting. You can decide whether you want to have a custom for just one contact – or all of them! YouMail gives you the freedom to greet all of your callers according to your preferences.

How to Setup Custom Voicemail Greetings

From your YouMail account online

  1. Visit http://www.youmail.com/community/greetings.do
  2. Browse through the greetings till you find one you like
  3. Click on the blue button that says “Use This Greeting”
  4. Once the greeting has been copied to your account, click on “Go To My Account Now”
  5. Find your desired greeting from the list of greetings on the left
  6. Underneath the audio file, there is a grey bar. Select “Assign Contacts” on the right side of this grey bar
  7. Find the contact you wish to assign the greeting to and click “Save”

From your smartphone

  1. Go to Greetings in the menu bar
  2. Browse for a greeting you like
  3. Select the greeting
  4. Click on the icon of a silhouette of people next to the Play button on the bottom
  5. Find the contact(s) you wish the assign the greeting to
  6. Tap on “Set”

That’s it! Your contact(s) will now hear this greeting each time they call. Ready to add some personality to your voicemail greeting?

Check out our voicemail library here.