Did you know you can access all of your voicemail messages on your desktop computer or laptop using your online YouMail account? Since our job is to make it easier for you to handle your calls, this is our way of giving you the ability to take care of your messages even if you don’t have your phone on you! Read on below to find out just how much you can do with YouMail on your desktop.

  • Check your inbox. If you forgot your phone at home or just simply don’t want to go through your phone to hear your messages, just visit YouMail.com and you will have access to all of your voicemails instantly. If you have Premium or Business, you can also read your voicemails.
  • Organize your messages. Separate your voicemails into different folders just like you do with your emails. You can categorize your messages according to personal, work, and any other way you’d like. You can also easily mass delete old messages and contacts.
  • Customize your settings. Use your voicemail the way you want to by adjusting your settings to choose how you want to receive your voicemails, how you want to send Auto Replies, and more. You can also add a photo to your account and edit your personal info.
  • Check out the community page. Discover tons of voicemail greetings and choose one for each of your contacts to enjoy! Use the YouMail directory to look up numbers or report spammers.

Stop being limited to taking care of calls and voicemails only through your phone. YouMail gives you the freedom to be in control of your communications from all of your devices. Download our app and give us a try today!