At YouMail, our main focus is to help you save time answering calls and returning the ones you miss. While some days you’re on top of your workload and able to handle all of your different tasks, other days it can be tough to keep track of your many projects and communications.

Give yourself some time to take control of your different work projects or meetings and let YouMail keep you from missing out on your most important calls. Take a look below at some useful YouMail tricks for making sure no important calls slip away from you.

  • Auto Forwarding allows any unanswered voicemails to be forwarded to a second phone number or email address so that a colleague or assistant can take the message for you and get in touch with your missed caller on your behalf.
  • Call Transfer gives your callers the option to have their call redirected to another phone number if you are unavailable. You can choose up to nine different phone numbers to have your missed calls transferred to.
  • Access your call history and voicemails online to make sure you are notified of any important missed calls and can check and reply to voicemails even if you don’t have your phone on you.
  • Push notifications let you know whenever you get a missed call with an in app notification that can be easier to notice than your standard missed call alert.

YouMail offers plenty of features that make phone calls and voicemails easier to manage. Don’t let yourself miss out on any important calls or forget to return them if you do. With these helpful YouMail tricks, you’ll be able to take care of them faster and lead a more productive day.