What is Call Transfer?

Call Transfer is a Business subscription only feature that gives your missed callers the option to have their call redirected to a different phone number. For example, if you miss a phone call, you can give your caller the option to Press 1 to speak to your assistant instead. You can choose up to 10 different phone numbers to redirect your missed calls to by setting a different phone number for all digits between 0 and 9.

Benefits of Call Transfer

  • Sort through your calls faster by having a colleague or assistant take care of your most important calls for you. When you’re able to go through your missed calls and voicemails later, all of your urgent callers will already have been taken care of.
  • Take better care of your clients and customers by giving them the option to speak to a different representative if they need immediate assistance. Happy customers is a happy company!
  • Give your company a more professional image by enabling call transfer as part of your call system to give your company the look and feel of a large corporation with multiple phone lines. Impress your customers with better call handling.

How to Enable Call Transfer

Call Transfer is only offered as part of the YouMail Business Plan. To upgrade your account to Business, click here.

Once you have YouMail Business, you can enable Call Transfer by following these instructions:

  1. Open up your web browser, go to YouMail.com and sign into your account
  2. Under Settings, click on Live-Connect
  3. Under the section titled “Please configure your menu options,” set up your call transferring preferences.
  4. Choose which number you’d like callers to press to have their call redirected by choosing a number in the dropdown menu next to “Pressing”
  5. In the space next to “Connects to,” input the phone number you want to redirect calls to
  6. Choose the phrase that best matches the destination of redirected calls in the dropdown menu, “Connect Phrase”
  7. You can add additional phone numbers to transfer calls to by selecting the green + button

Your business will now have Call Transfer enabled to make sure all the calls you miss are handled by another team member! Make sure to upgrade to YouMail Business to enjoy this helpful feature and more.