What is Enhanced Caller ID?

With Enhanced Caller ID, you no longer need to worry about receiving calls from numbers you don’t recognize. YouMail keeps a phone directory made up of over 200 million US and Canadian phone numbers. If you receive a phone call from a number that you don’t have in your Contacts List, don’t worry! YouMail will automatically search through our Directory to identify the caller for you. We then display the contact name for your incoming call so that you know who’s calling you even though the number isn’t stored in your phone.

Benefits of Enhanced Caller ID

  • Take care of calls faster. When you miss calls from unknown phone numbers, often times you’ll hesitate before calling the number back. Make sure important callers aren’t having their calls ignored because you didn’t recognize their phone number. With Enhanced Caller ID, you can easily find out who called you and get back to them right away.
  • Keep business calls professional. If you never took down a coworker’s phone number and receive a call from them, don’t make the mistake of disregarding the call because you think it’s from a wrong number. Enhanced Caller ID lets you know who your caller is so you can keep communications professional and get business done faster.
  • Impress clients. If you work closely with clients or are in real estate, sometimes you forget to add a potential client’s number to your phone. Enhanced Caller ID helps you stay on top of those calls and make sure you never have to ask a caller for their name. Especially when client relationships play a major role in your business, it’s important to address your callers by name and know who they are.
  • Stay on top of group projects. As a student, you often work in groups with different classmates that you don’t know. If you wrote down your group member’s phone number in your notes after class and then lost those notes amongst the other pages on your desk, don’t worry about not knowing whether they called you or not. Enhanced Caller ID will automatically let you know so you can call them back immediately and get that project an A.

How to Get Enhanced Caller ID

You already have it! All subscribers of YouMail (Free, Premium, and Business) have Enhanced Caller ID automatically when they join! It’s our goal to help you save time managing your missed calls and with Enhanced Caller ID, this can be easily done. Always know who’s calling you with YouMail!

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