As the year comes to a close, we often find ourselves wondering, “Where did all the time go?” It always seems like the last four months of the year blend in to one and before you know it, you’re counting down the seconds to the New Year. Before you get caught up in the holidays and put off your plans to be more organized for next year, don’t forget about another all too common phrase: it’s never too late! Especially now, it’s never too late to pick up some timesaving habits to make sure all of those end-of-the-year work projects make their deadlines so that you can celebrate the holiday season cheerfully.

Here are some of the best timekeeping apps for your smartphone to keep you productive on the go:

Toggl – This is an app that’s as simple as timekeeping gets. Toggl lets you keep track of the projects you’re working on right down to the second and comes with upgradable plans that offers you more integrations for what to track your time on and can track time for your entire team.
Works with iOS and Android

Timely – Timely is an app that lets you plan events in a calendar and track your time simultaneously. Its useful calendar feature lets you set an amount of time for each event, and then it logs the time you’ve spent working on it. This way, you can make sure to finish your task and move on to the next one in a timely fashion.
Works with iOS

Timesheet – This app tracks the time you’ve spent on a project and also keeps note of your location for each. This trick works great for making sure you get off-site projects, meetings, and events squared away before your next event starts.
Works with Android

aTimeLogger – aTimeLogger is a personal time tracker that comes with multiple customizable settings. You can set up reporting options and extend your tracking time to make sure projects are always completed in order.
Works with iOS and Android

Harvest – This timetracking app gives you the flexibility to track multiple projects and in detail. You can open up a dashboard for each individual project to see status reports on each item that the project concerns. Harvest is incredibly useful for teams to make sure big projects get completed when they’re supposed to.
Works with iOS and Android

Take a look through these helpful timekeeping apps to make sure you end the year on a strong note. Plus, start working on your New Year’s resolution to not procrastinate and complete things on time before 2016 even hits!