As we step further into the age of smartphones, tablets, and even digital books, the to-do list has remained predominantly on pen and paper after all these years. While sometimes it’s more convenient to just write things down, the classic to-do list has its downsides too: it’s easily forgettable, mostly unorganized, and can add more clutter to your already paper-filled desk.

It’s time to give the classic to-do list an upgrade and convert it over to the digital realm. There are tons of apps out there that can transform your old-fashioned to-do list into an even more helpful productivity tool that you can bring around with you on your smartphone.

Take a look below for the top 5 to-do list apps for your smartphone:

1. Remember the Milk – This app is as simple as your basic to-do list, but with a bunch of added perks. Add your tasks in lists, customize due dates, locations and reminders for each item on your to-do list. It’s also easy to integrate the app with your email and Google Calendar.
Works with iOS and Android

2. SomToDo – SomToDo is a sleek to-do list app that lets you separate your different lists into folders, add due dates, and more. This app is great for keeping track of everything from large projects to your grocery list with customizable priority deadlines and meeting places.
Works with iOS and Android

3. Wunderlist – Wunderlist takes the classic to-do list to a different level with the added feature of collaborations with other members of your projects. The app is simple to use and allows you to track multiple projects at once. Keep track of your tasks when you share your projects with other members, add deadlines and reminders.
Works with iOS and Android

4. Apple Reminders – This is one of the most overlooked productivity tools that comes preinstalled on your iPhone. Your Reminders app can keep track of different tasks according to color and you can even set up a reminder of when to do each task. Plus, checking things off on your list is as simple as tapping a button. It’s already on your phone and easy to use.
Works with iOS

5. 2Do – 2Do is a visually impressive, cloud-based to-do list app that helps you manage your different tasks in detail. You can organize your tasks into different projects, tag them for easy lookup, and add new tasks quickly. Also, receive notifications when projects near their deadlines.
Works with iOS and Android

Make sure you’re getting the most done on the go! Check out these helpful to-do list apps and keep track of all your projects right in your pocket.