The App Store and Google Play Store contain an endless number of apps. With such a wide variety of apps to search through, you tend to miss out on a lot of really cool ones just simply because you didn’t see them. Productivity apps specifically offer a wide array of services that cover everything from password protectors to document scanning capabilities. There are widely known productivity apps in both stores like Dropbox and Google Drive, but here’s a look at some of the top apps you might be less familiar with that are just as helpful.

Top Productivity Apps in the Apple App Store:

  1. Everalbum – Everalbum is a convenient app that backs up all of your photos from your iPhone photo album, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Photos. It works in the background of your phone so you don’t have to manually sync any of your photos. Everalbum can also automatically post your photos to Facebook for you. The app is free but you can upgrade to receive unlimited HD storage and unlimited photo printing with free shipping for $9.99.
  2. NoteLedge – NoteLedge is a versatile notetaking app that provides you with more tools than your normal iPhone Notes app. With NoteLedge you can add tables, pictures, and even videos to your notes. Another helpful feature of NoteLedge is its ability to sync with your calendar to help you organize with ease.
  3. IF – IF is an app that works to connect your different social media accounts in customizable ways. You can save favorite tweets to Evernote, post Instagram photos to Twitter, and post videos from YouTube onto a blog. The possibilities are endless and you can connect to almost every site including Tumblr, ESPN, Reddit, eBay, and more.
  4. Sunrise Calendar – Sunrise is a smart calendar app that lets you connect with your social media, sites your weather app, and even Google Maps for quickly looking up directions. Another unique feature of Sunrise is the option to sync with sports teams and TV shows so that you never miss out on a new episode or game. It also comes with a custom keyboard that you can use to schedule meetings from any messaging app.
  5. Cozi Family Planner – As its name suggests, this app is great for keeping families organized. Cozi includes color-coded calendars to make it easy for you to view either an individual’s schedule or the whole family’s. You can also share lists with each other such as shopping lists and see which items on the list were added by which family member. It also includes a journal and recipe section.

Top Productivity Apps in the Google Play Store

  1. Snowball Smart Notifications – With Snowball, you can hide multiple annoying notifications and see all of them at once. You can also reply to them instantly from the notification center it provides. Another helpful feature of Snowball is that it only uses sound alerts for the most important notifications.
  2. 7 Weeks Goals & Habit Tracker – 7 Weeks is an app that assists you in starting good habits and breaking bad ones. You can add habits and track when you do them as well as add notes for each habit. It’s also customizable so that you can track habits for longer or shorter than 7 weeks. The app is designed to give you a quick look at your habits so that you can easily see your progress or where you fall short. 7 Weeks also comes with customizable color schemes and alarms.
  3. MyLifeOrganized – MyLifeOrganized is a To-Do List app that helps you focus on important items on your list so that you can take care of them right away. You can also create flexible hierarchical lists to add as many subtasks to your individual tasks as you need. The most innovative part of MyLifeOrganized is its ability to automatically generate a smart list of actions based on your To-Do List tree and due dates to help you prioritize items that need to be done first.
  4. Evernote – Evernote is a more detailed To-Do List app that allows you to take short notes or write out longer reports. You can easily attach web articles, photos and other notes to keep your projects complete at all times. Evernote also allows you to connect with other people to make collaborating with team members as simple as possible.
  5. HabitBull – With HabitBull, you can take habit building and breaking to a new level with access to discussion forums that other HabitBull members are a part of. It also includes reminder alarms to make sure you continue working on your habits as well as graphs to help track your progress. HabitBull then takes all of your progress and stores it in the cloud so that you never lose your tracking results. You can track up to 100 habits each with its own calendar.

Next time you make a stop in the Productivity section of the Google Play and Apple App stores, check out these helpful apps and discover the possibilities the app world has to offer. For one last helpful productivity app, give YouMail Visual Voicemail a try and reinvent the way you handle voicemails and missed calls with a digital receptionist for your iPhone or Android.