New Year, new you – right? January is known for being the most optimistic month of the year. With a brand new year ahead of you, January is a time for change and the chance to start becoming a better you. It’s no wonder why New Year’s resolutions continue to be made each year. But let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions often start to be forgotten around March. So why are your resolutions failing when you want so badly to stick by them? It might be the way you’re going about achieving them. Trying to get into the same habits each year can be difficult if you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary to accomplish them. But with new advancements in the smartphone world, you might be surprised at how much progress you can make with the help of a few apps.

Here are the 5 most common New Year’s Resolutions and apps to help you achieve them (all apps for iOS and Android):

Resolution – Lose Weight
App Fix – Runtastic 

Runtastic is an app that comes equipped with avatar personal trainers that teach you workouts in detailed videos that are easy to follow. The trainers guide you through each step in depth so you know how to do them correctly. Another perk of this app is the option to do workout programs that help you train over a period of time all with the goal of getting you a six pack in 10 weeks. How’s that for sticking with your New Year’s resolution?

Resolution – Save More Money
App Fix – Mint 

Mint is an app that keeps track of all of your finances to help you see what you’re spending the most on by categorizing your transactions in real time. Mint then takes this data and creates a personal budget plan for you to help you keep track of bills, stop you from overspending, and let you know your credit score. It also offers spending tips to help make budgeting easier than ever. Mint is free and password protected to make sure all of your information stays safe and secure. You’ll be on top of your finances in no time with this helpful and beautifully designed app.

Resolution – Stop Procrastinating
App Fix – Toggl 

When it comes to procrastinating, the biggest thing getting in the way of your productivity is bad time management. Toggl helps fix that with a timer based system to help you get your tasks done. With this app, you can time how long you spend on projects down to the seconds. Toggl also gives you progress reports so that you can see when you’ve been most productive and how long you spend on each project. Timing yourself while working on something will give you a sense of urgency and motivate you to get things done more efficiently.

Resolution – Be More Organized
App Fix – Trello 

Trello is the app to go to for improving your organizational skills in 2016. Trello gives you the freedom to create boards for your different projects. Each board is customizable: you can add tasks to them and categorize them as you want. One of the best parts about Trello is the ability to drag and drop each task into different categories. Add members to each board to organize the way you communicate with your team and customize backgrounds of your boards to your liking. Trello provides you with endless organizational tools with the options to add links, subtasks, comments, and more to each task.

Resolution – Stop Eating Fast Food and Eat Healthier
App Fix – Fooducate 

Fooducate is a wellness app that helps you better manage your health and diet in a convenient and fun way. As a combination of the words “food” and “educate,” the app informs you of what foods are healthy without causing you to have to research them on your own. The app comes with a useful scanning feature that lets you scan foods at the store and receive instant health reports on them so you know whether it’ll be a good choice to eat or not. Join Fooducate’s community to find trending nutritious recipes, daily tips, and even restaurant ratings according to health value. Fooducate can help you achieve the goal of improved health just by using their app on your phone.

With common New Year’s resolutions making an appearance every year, it’s time to finally start achieving them and give you room for new ones next year. Take a look at these helpful apps to make your 2016 goals a reality.

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