Your phone is a magical piece of hardware. In the few inches of space it takes up on your desk, it can hold all of the information in your computer and notepads combined. While you tend to use your phone for communicating, navigation, and taking pictures – try using it to improve your organization and productivity. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer plenty of apps that can help you boost your productivity without using anything other than your phone.

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Improve Productivity Using Just Your Phone:

Plan Better Meetings – There are tons of great collaboration enhancing apps available to you that take away the hassle of scheduling meetings from your email. Try GoToMeeting, a mobile app and web tool that allows you and your team to schedule meetings and meet via video chat as easily as if you were all in office. The app is user-friendly, making it easy to schedule meeting times, locations, and record your sessions.

Schedule Tasks Faster – Make use of some awesome task managing apps that not only make it easier for you to jot down tasks on the go, but also help you get them done quicker. The Swipes Personal app syncs all of your tasks from integrations like your email or Evernote and makes them available to you from one place. You can easily find tasks on your phone and take down new ones that you can look up later from your computer or laptop since Swipe is also available on these platforms. The app also sends you reminders of upcoming tasks so you’ll never miss a thing.

Better Manage Your Accounts – Can’t remember your login info for your online bank account or bill payment center? LastPass is your quick app fix to forgetting passwords when you really need them. The app stores all of your passwords in a secure place and then autofills them for you each time you need to login to an account or website on your phone. LastPass keeps all of your passwords secure by having a password of its own. But let’s face it, remembering one master password is a lot easier than remembering 10 others.

Organize Finances – Instead of trying to hang on to receipts from months ago, use the Wave  app to quickly scan and upload your receipts. Once you scan receipts to the app, you can easily upload them to be accessed from your online Wave account on your computer. Keep track of finances easier and reduce clutter at the same time.

Manage Emails – Sending emails and looking through them on your phone no longer has to be a hassle. MyMail is a great email managing app that lets you incorporate multiple email accounts into one space. It improves email sorting by displaying icon images for each contact you receive an email from. This convenient feature lets you know who contacted you before you even read who the message is from, great for checking emails at a glance.

Be More Well Read – Reading can improve multiple aspects of your life – especially productivity. Boost your productivity levels by staying up to date with relevant news. Feedly is a great news collecting app that brings together articles from all sorts of magazines to present you with something new to read each time you open it. Simply choose which news you are interested in and Feedly will find news articles for you and categorize them into different sections. This way you can stay updated on everything from tech industry news to sports without using more than one app.

Your phone offers you everything from photo editing apps to games, communication tools, and even a high-quality camera. Next time you’re on the go, remember that your phone can also help you stay on task and improve your productivity with these great apps and more available to you right in your phone’s app store.

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