Trying to view something on your mobile web browser can either be a super convenient, helpful experience or really a frustrating one that just leads you to get out your laptop and use that instead.

Some common expressions associated with this second scenario tend to sound like this: How do I view all of those words on one tiny screen? How do you add a page to my Favorites? Where is my History? Why can’t I easily search this website?

Well the days of frustrated mumblings to yourself because you can’t read a really juicy news article are over. Your web browser app is supposed to make your life simpler – let’s find out how to use it to the max.

Here are 5 How To’s to Make Safari Mobile Browsing Easier:

Bookmarks & Favorites – What’s the difference? Your Favorites are a section in your Bookmarks. Basically, your Bookmarks are a collection of everything you want to easily find. You can add new folders in your Bookmarks to keep all the same kinds of webpages together.
To do this,
1) Tap on the icon of an open book at the bottom of your Safari browser.
2) Tap the tab with the icon of an open book.
3) Tap ‘Edit’ then ‘New Folder’.

Now when you want to add something to that folder,
1) tap the icon of a square with an arrow pointing up at the bottom of your screen.
2) Tap ‘Add Bookmark’ then ‘Location’ and choose your folder.

Desktop View – Not all of the web pages you want to view, have mobile versions, as strange as that sounds. This means that you might not be able to view all of the content available to you on that page. To see everything, simply use Desktop View. You will have to zoom in to read everything, but at least you’ll have all the content.

To enable Desktop View,
1) Tap on the icon of a square with an arrow pointing up.
2) Slide the grey and white icons to the left until you find Request Desktop Site and tap on it.

Private Viewing – You can also go incognito on your web browser. Simply tap the View Pages icon (it looks like two stacked squares). Then tap ‘Private’.

History – There are two ways to view your History.
For the first,
1) Tilt your phone on its side to switch from Portrait to Landscape view.
2) Tap the new page icon, it looks like a (+) sign.
3) View the slide bar to the left of your screen and tap ‘History’.

To find your History in Portrait view, Tap on your Bookmarks (the icon of an open book) at the bottom of your screen and choose History.

Reading List – What is your Reading List? Your Reading List is a link of all the pages you want to read but don’t have the time to at the moment. When you add something to your Reading List, you can easily find it later without having to combine these pages with your Favorites. There are two ways to add a page to your Reading List.

To add a page without even opening it,
1) Tap and hold on the link and a popup will appear.
2) Tap on Add to Reading List. This link will be marked as unread because you haven’t viewed the page yet.

To add a page you have opened,
1) Tap the icon of a square with an arrow pointing up.
2) Tap ‘Add to Reading List’ with an icon of glasses.
To remove an item from your Reading List, just go to your Reading List, and slide the article you want to remove to the left. Then tap Delete.

Next time you find yourself needing to view a web page on your phone, make use of these How To’s to find all the info you need without the frustrated phone flippings and mutterings under your breath!

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