Starting a business is tough. Keeping it going is even tougher. You’ve got to meet with tons of people, test and try many things, and keep your budget in check. And you don’t even have your own office yet.

So how do you do it all? With the help of other apps and mobile tools. These apps have been made specifically with people like you in mind. Their goals are to help you manage everything in your business from scheduling meetings to making social media posts. And when used to the fullest potential, they’ll help you get your business going from just about anywhere you are. No corporate office needed.

Here Are the Best Mobile and Desktop Apps to Help You Run Your Business

Task – Keep Projects Organized
Tool – Asana 

Asana is a powerful task manager app. Not only is it beautifully designed with a vibrant color scheme that’s sure to motivate you every time you look at your calendar – it also allows for file attachments, comments, and the ability to organize your tasks by category. View tasks by project, date, and as a master list of all “to-do’s”. The handy “inbox” section allows you to see conversations with your colleagues about your many different tasks to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Asana is available for your desktop and mobile phone. And a bonus perk? It has celebratory unicorns that leap across your screen when tasks are completed.

Task – Communicate with Team Members
Tool – Slack

Slack is designed for people that like to communicate – a lot. This messenger app allows your team to collaborate both in individual, private chats or altogether in larger channels. These channels are basically different groups that you and your coworkers can setup and join to keep different conversations separated and organized. You can also upload files on slack, search your entire archive, and even format your text to fit code. Slack is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Task – Schedule Meetings
Tool – GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is essential for scheduling meetings out of office. It’s a tool that lets you easily start meetings from your email, instant-messaging tool, and even Microsoft Word. Your meetings can be planned in advance or you can start one instantly. Other helpful features include audio recording and drawing tools that let your meeting members get a clear idea of what you’re discussing. GoToMeeting is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Task – Help Clients
Tool – Zendesk

Zendesk does all kinds of things to bring your company closer to your clients. It helps you communicate with your clients, start up a Help Center, and gives you clear reports of customer satisfaction. Zendesk also lets you know how quickly you engage with clients and see how many website visitors you’re getting each month. It’s also got a helpful integration called Zopim Chat which lets you live-chat with your clients for fast customer support. Zendesk is available for your desktop.

Task – Manage Social Media Sites
Tool – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a must have for tracking social media. This tool lets you keep track of all your different social media sites in one place. On Hootsuite, you can schedule all of your posts, get detailed analytics reports for easy tracking, and always keep your media audience engaged. Hootsuite has different plans that are specialized for all of your social media needs. With their Business plan, you can have up to 5 members keep track of social media and manage up to 50 accounts. Hootsuite is available on your desktop and mobile device.

Task – Manage Calls
Tool – YouMail Business Plan

The YouMail Business Plan makes call handling easily manageable – especially if you’re receiving a large volume of calls. You can’t answer every call that comes in your phone and YouMail makes sure this doesn’t cost you any sales. The YouMail Business Plan comes with Voicemail-to-Text which lets you read lengthy voicemail messages in seconds, Live Connect so you can transfer unanswered calls to a secretary or colleague, and a much larger voicemail inbox so you can store up to 10,000 voicemail messages. Plus, a ton of other time-saving features. YouMail Business Plan is available on desktop and mobile devices – Voicemail on your computer? How cool is that!



If you’re looking to get your business up and running but are doing most of your work from home – be motivated and encouraged to get the job done with these helpful tools. You can do everything an office can do in your own home and the best part is – these apps will help you get even better results. Check out their websites and start incorporating them into your daily routine.