Starting your own business from the ground up is tough work. You’ve got a great idea for a product, you’re passionate about what your company is doing and you have high hopes for where it’ll go in the future. But then comes the specifics – finding funding, proper planning, and figuring out how to market a company nobody knows anything about. But taking care of all that doesn’t even cover the hardest part. The most important thing to your company’s success? Keeping customers and clients satisfied, which is mostly done by managing an overwhelming amount of phone calls each day. And unfortunately, this is where your growing business meets an overwhelming hurdle.

In his latest article, Danger Lurking – How Spam Callers Cost Small Businesses Millions Of Dollars, YouMail CEO, Alex Quilici uncovers the scary truth behind spam callers out to steal money and time from small businesses by preying on their dependency on phone calls.

Your company could be targeted next. So learn ways to prevent your business from losing money to scammers and get the full story on Medium now.