You’ve probably had this happen to you more than once. You’re enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon after a hectic work week when you get a call from an unknown number. You don’t usually like answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize but you’re curious – who could be calling you? Then you pick up the call only to have a telemarketer aggressively attempt to sell you something. Your peaceful afternoon has been disturbed and you’re now incredibly irritated, but before you demand that the telemarketer place your number on the Do Not Call List, there’s something you should know.

The Do Not Call List doesn’t stop telemarketers’ calls for good.


There are several reasons:

  • The Do Not Call List requires you to register an account with your personal information on their website before you can add your number to it. And It could take up to 30 days to have your number successfully added to the list. In those 30 days you’re still vulnerable to telemarketers’ calls.
  • You can only file a complaint on the Do Not Call List after your number has been successfully registered for 30 days. And even if you complain about a number, it doesn’t guarantee the number will be blocked. The Do Not Call List only stops illegal sales calls. It does not stop political campaigns, informational calls, or debt collectors from calling you.
  • Some spammers actually use the Do Not Call List to find numbers to add to their calling lists.

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Here’s what you should use instead:

YouMail gives you a much stronger defense against unwanted callers that the Do Not Call List just can’t provide. And can stop unwanted callers – for good. With YouMail’s automatic spam filtering, your phone will be protected against any known spammers. YouMail recognizes spammers based on different phone numbers’ call volumes. When our technology notices a phone number placing tens of thousands of calls in one day, we know this isn’t normal and mark the number as spam. Then YouMail blocks that phone number from calling anyone who uses YouMail.

And that’s not all. When a number is blocked through YouMail, they won’t be able to call you or leave you a voicemail. Instead, the spammer will hear a “number disconnected” message before their call is ended automatically. This is really important for blocking spammers because they only care about phone numbers they can reach. If a spammer thinks your phone number no longer works – they will remove you from their calling list and your number won’t be shared when that spammer sells their list to another spammer. Can the Do Not Call List do that? Didn’t think so.

You can enable spam filtering easily:

On the Web –

  1. Click here to go to your Spam Settings
  2. Choose how aggressively you want YouMail to block spammers for you.

In the App –

  1. Open your app menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Smart Blocking

Keep yourself prepared:

You can also find monthly updates of the top robocallers in the US and detailed information about different phone scams and even locations that are targeted the most by visiting the YouMail Robocall Index.

Related:  2.3 Billion Robocalls Recorded Plaguing US Phones in January