YouMail is unlike any other app you’ve ever downloaded. Not only does it come with all the voicemail features you know and love – YouMail also becomes part of your phone. Really – YouMail becomes your new voicemail service and your carrier’s voicemail (like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile etc.) gets knocked out of the way so YouMail can do its job.

You might only be using features like YouMail’s Smart Greeting or Voicemail-to-Text if you’re a paying subscriber, but YouMail also has settings to help you get back to callers faster and organize your messages more efficiently.

Take a Look at These Different Ways YouMail Can Improve Your Call Handling Methods:

If You Are on the Essential Plan

Let Callers Know Why You’re Unavailable – Ever find yourself returning from a meeting to 5 missed calls from the same person? With YouMail, you can make sure this doesn’t happen again by using an Auto-Reply message. Auto-Reply lets you send missed callers a TXT of your custom away message. You can also make sure only certain callers get an Auto-Reply. For example, you can customize your settings to have Auto-Replies sent only to non-contacts that leave a voicemail. Click here to go to your Auto-Reply settings.

Organize Your Inbox – With YouMail, you can access your voicemail from your phone, tablet, and computer. Your YouMail account is much more complex than your normal carrier voicemail. This means you can actually arrange your voicemail messages the way you want. Just go to your Inbox and you’ll be able to mark messages as new, listened, forward them, and flag them by selecting messages and clicking the More dropdown menu at the top of the screen. You can also create new folders to separate messages by caller or category by right clicking on an existing message folder and selecting New Folder.

If You Are on the Premium Plan

Stop Unknown Callers – You can deny Unknown or Blocked Caller ID numbers from leaving you a voicemail with Privacy Guard. This feature prompts Unknown callers to give you their phone number before they’re allowed to leave you a voicemail. Telemarketers and robocallers don’t want to identify their number or can’t so they’ll just hang up the call. To enable Privacy Guard, click here and choose Privacy Guard.

Manage Your Voicemail – You can use Voicemail-to-Email to get all of your voicemail messages delivered straight to your email and even include transcriptions of your message. This way, you can handle voicemail messages like email. You’ll be able to organize and archive all of your different communications in one place. To enable Voicemail-to-Email, click here and your transcriptions will be included automatically.

If You Are on the Business Plan

Transfer Callers Automatically – You can use Live Connect to easily transfer your callers to an assistant or colleague when you can’t take their call. You have the ability to reroute your callers to up to 10 different phone numbers! Your transfer options will be included at the end of your voicemail greeting so callers can easily press 1 to reach your assistant. To set up Live Connect, click here.

Send Copies of Voicemail Messages – Sometimes you’re busy and you don’t notice a voicemail message or you can’t respond. You can automatically forward any unopened voicemail to a colleague or assistant and have them take care of your message for you. The voicemail message will be sent as an email and you can choose after how long you want the voicemail to be forwarded. For example, you can forward all voicemail messages that haven’t been opened after five minutes. Set up Auto Forwarding here.

So as it turns out, YouMail’s many features can do a lot more than just greet your callers by name and transcribe your voicemail messages. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of YouMail’s award-winning features and check out more guides on how to use them on the YouMail Help.