When you hear the word robocalls, you automatically think – phone call from an unknown number, automated message trying to sell you something, and the annoying feeling that you wasted time to answer a robocall.

But did you know not all robocalls are bad? In fact, some you depend on for important upcoming information.

First things first – what is a robocall? 

The FCC defines a robocall as answering the phone and hearing “a prerecorded message instead of a live person.” So while, yes, robocalls are usually from telemarketers, political campaigns, and scammers that you don’t want to receive – sometimes a robocall can come from a company you care about.

Not following? Think of a call you get from your doctor or dentist reminding you of an upcoming appointment. These are usually automated messages or robocalls and they’re important calls you don’t want to miss.

Fortunately, YouMail can detect bad robocalls from good ones and only let the calls you care about reach you.

Here’s How: 

  1. YouMail uses the most advanced technology to notice when spammers are robocalling our customers. We can detect when a phone number places thousands of calls a day. Even the busiest doctor’s office wouldn’t be placing that many calls to clients in a whole week. YouMail blocks suspicious phone numbers for all YouMail subscribers, which we call spam filtering. You can adjust your spam filtering settings to block all suspected spammers or just verified spammers by clicking here.
  2. YouMail pays attention to phone numbers that our subscribers mark as spam. In the YouMail Directory, you can search for a number that has been spamming you and flag the phone number as a spam caller. We then block the phone numbers that have been repeatedly flagged by our subscribers for our whole community. Since genuine phone numbers placing robocalls for doctors or other appointment services won’t be flagged by YouMail subscribers, they won’t be mistakenly taken for spam.
  3. YouMail publishes an updated Robocall Index every month. This comprehensive report gives details about top robocalling phone numbers, their locations, the types of scams they are placing, and which areas in the US are being targeted by robocalls the most. The Robocall Index only displays information about top harmful robocalls to help our customers know which numbers to look out for and to stop their friends and family from being victimized by scams as well. You can check out the Robocall Index and even add a widget to your website of the data by clicking here.

YouMail works hard to make sure you are the most productive you can be by better managing your phone calls. Keep yourself from being harmed by robocall spams but know that your important messages are still reaching you with YouMail’s advanced spam filtering technology.