Getting the job done on your own is tough. But don’t worry – YouMail is here to help! For those of us business professionals that rely on our phones to manage tasks, schedule meetings, plan ahead and assist clients, things can get unorganized pretty fast.

But when you can’t always depend on your phone to simplify all these different responsibilities, you can depend on us! Taking care of client calls is a big part of your day-to-day routine, but when you’re unable to take a call, YouMail can handle it for you.

Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Take Care of Client Calls with YouMail:

  1. Set an Auto-Reply. Auto-Reply is an automatic message that gets sent out whenever you miss a call. Your Auto-Reply can be delivered as a text or email and it includes your own personal message. You can use this message to let callers know when you’ll be available, why you’re currently unavailable, or just as a simple away message. With the YouMail Business Plan, your Auto-Reply can also link to your website. Setup your Auto-Reply here.
  2. Turn on Email Alerts. Email Alerts are just what they sound like. Whenever you miss a call or receive a new voicemail (it’s up to you), you’ll get an email letting you know. Email Alerts are especially useful when you’re in a meeting or if you’ve forgotten your phone at home but still want to know if you’ve missed an important call. With YouMail Business you have the option to send a copy of the voicemail to a second email address. If you can’t get to an important caller, your colleague will be notified and can help them out for you. Set your email alerts here.
  3. Use Smart Greeting. With YouMail, you get a special voicemail greeting called Smart Greeting, which addresses your caller by name. When you can’t answer a client’s call, Smart Greeting can give them a personal experience to let them know you still care about their call and will get back to them as soon as possible. With the YouMail Business Plan, you also get a Business Smart Greeting which gives callers your full name and company name and is professionally recorded for you. Go to your Smart Greeting settings here
  4. Get Live Connect. Live Connect is a feature only available on the YouMail Business Plan and takes care of your clients by redirecting their calls to another department or phone line if you can’t answer your phone. Set up a simple phone tree with Live Connect and transfer calls to up to 10 different phone numbers. Send clients to your assistant, colleague, your home phone, or any other phone. Your clients will be able to reach the right person or they can leave you also leave you a voicemail.
  5. Read Your Messages. The YouMail Premium and Business Plans come with high quality voicemail transcriptions so you can instantly read your clients’ voicemails as a text or email. Get back to callers quickly without having to listen to their voicemail. You can just scan the message for the important parts and call them back if you need to. The most important thing about taking care of client calls is returning them in a timely fashion. Voicemail-to-Text can help you get all the important details in a message and get back to your caller in seconds!

YouMail has everything you need to stay on top of client calls. Keep these tips in mind and let YouMail help you take better care of your clients.

Get all YouMail has to offer with the YouMail Business plan.