We’ve all answered the phone to the sound of a cruise horn blowing and a cheerful automated message congratulating us on winning a free cruise. And as spring is kicking into full gear, you can bet you’re going to get this type of call again.

But when you answer the phone and hear, “Congratulations! You’ve won a free trip to the Bahamas,” resist the urge to listen in and just hang up. As it turns out, the “free cruise” gift is nothing other than a scam to steal your money and ruin your spring vacation.

How does the Cruise Ship Scam work? What are you really getting when you stay on the line to claim your prize? YouMail’s CEO, Alex Quilici, explores all the shocking answers to these questions and more in his latest article, The Truth Underlying The Cruise Ship Scam. In his article, Alex recounts the horror stories of those victimized by this shameless scam and gives important tips on how you can avoid being its next victim. Get the full scoop on Medium or LinkedIn.