Auto-reply to callers

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk that voicemail is outdated and a hassle to deal with. Truthfully, voicemail can sometimes be a pain. If you get a lot of messages, they can pile up in your inbox and take up your free time as you try to go through each one of them. But no matter how tedious it can be to go through your voicemail – you’re still receiving them because voicemail isn’t going out of style.

Voicemail is a very integral part of every professional’s day-to-day communications and those who are successful at what they do know it would be unwise to get rid of it.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Voicemail:

  1. Job Interviews – Ever been waiting around for a callback after an important interview for a job you really, really want? If you don’t have your phone on you when the employer calls and you don’t have voicemail set up, they definitely won’t be texting you to schedule a second interview. Your voicemail box picks up a lot of important messages and communicating solely through text messages just can’t maintain that sense of professionalism.
  2. Working with Clients – Your clients have a lot of questions and you have a lot of other tasks to focus on. So naturally, you tend to miss some of their calls. When this happens, your client’s next best option is to leave you a voicemail. Especially if they have a pressing matter on their mind, they’re going to want to tell you in a voicemail message – not call you back again at a different time or text you, especially if their question contains personal information.
  3. It’s Faster – Voicemail is as good as speaking directly to another person on the phone. Your caller can get their message across in a matter of seconds and sometimes it’s just easier to explain something by saying it out loud. Details can get lost in emails or texts, and meanings can get misconstrued.
  4. It Helps You Prioritize Callers – Your voicemail messages actually do a bit of missed call handling for you. Without voicemail, you’d have no way of figuring out which of your missed calls are urgent. When you receive missed calls and voicemail messages, which one do you check first? Probably voicemail because you know whoever called you took the time to leave a message – there’s clearly something they needed to tell you that couldn’t wait until you called them back. If you have no voicemail box, but you have 10 missed calls to sort through on top of text messages and emails, you won’t even know where to begin.
  5. Securing New Clients – This is the biggest, most important reason why voicemail is crucial to your success. As a small business owner, realtor or other professional – what is the most common way potential clients reach out to you? They call you! Now, can you answer every incoming call you receive? No. Without a voicemail box to take down new client messages, you’ll lose every opportunity to gain new customers and keep your business running. If interested clients can’t speak to you directly, they will want to leave you a message detailing any information they want to know about your company. Without a voicemail box, it won’t be possible for potential clients to express their interest in your business and you won’t know which missed calls are from potential clients that you need to call back immediately.

The bottom line: you can’t rely on text messages and emails alone – especially when it comes to securing new clients. You need to answer their calls and if you can’t, you need to give them the opportunity to voice their interest and make them feel like you want to do business with them. And this simply won’t be possible without voicemail.

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