As a small business owner, realtor, or part of a larger enterprise – you’ve got a lot of responsibilities. But taking care of voicemail shouldn’t be one of them!

There are a ton of different voicemail managing functions you are spending valuable time on that YouMail could easily take care of for you.

Here are 5 YouMail Tricks to Stop Losing Time Over Voicemail and Get Your Job Done Faster:

  1. Voicemail-to-Text
    Plan: YouMail Premium, YouMail Business Voicemail-to-Text turns your voicemail messages into text that you can read. Voicemail-to-Text transcriptions can cut out the time you waste listening to lengthy messages and can also help you skim through a voicemail if you are in a meeting or with a client. When you normally can’t stop to listen to your message, you can easily bring up your transcription and read it in seconds. Plus, if you need to lookup an older message transcriptions make your life a lot easier. Just look through your transcriptions to find your message without wasting time listening through a whole list of them first.
  2. Voicemail Archiving
    Plan: ALL Plans!Voicemail Archiving lets you organize messages in the same way you handle your emails. Organize voicemail into different custom folders, mark them as favorites, or place them in your spam folder. Mass delete your messages at a click of a button. You can also search through your voicemail by caller, or even phrases if
    you have transcriptions easily through your online account.
  3. Auto-Reply
    Plan: ALL plans, but with additional bells and whistles on Business Auto-Reply lets you automatically get back to your missed callers. With Auto-Reply, you can automatically send your callers a text or email with your short, personal away message so that they know when to expect a call back. With the Business Plan, your Auto-Reply can also include a link to your Digital Business Card or website. Your Digital Business Card is your very own landing page that includes your photo, company logo, and customizable buttons to your social media sites or other pages on your website.
  4. Visual Voicemail
    Plan: ALL Plans Visual Voicemail means you get to access your voicemail messages from all of your devices. Save time going through messages on your phone when you can listen and reply to all messages from your tablet and computer. You can also get copies of your voicemail sent to your email address.
  5. Live Connect
    Plan: YouMail Business Live Connect is a feature that helps you take care of callers and save time going through messages. With Live Connect, you can enable your callers to dial an extension and have their call re-routed to another phone line if you can’t answer your phone. Transfer callers to your assistant, colleague, home phone, or another department and get important calls taken care of immediately. Then when you go through your voicemail later, your most urgent callers will have already been assisted.

YouMail has all of the tools you need to manage your voicemail messages and missed calls for you so that you can focus on the tasks that matter more. Keep these awesome YouMail tricks in mind and get your job done faster!

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