Phone or tablet? That is the question. It seems the world of smartphones, tablets and laptops are morphing into one another. Think – the birth of the phablet. So is there really a need for owning more than one type of smart device? It all really comes down to your preference, but there are some pretty awesome ways your phone trumps your tablet and vice versa. So which do you choose?

Here’s a Breakdown of which device is best for every situation:

Use your smartphone for instant messaging, taking pictures, and mobility.

  1. Messaging – Use your smartphone for anything related to sending and receiving messages. Your phone’s small screen keeps messages discreet and easier to type on. If you need to send a quick email to a colleague or client, your phone’s email client will easily get the job done. The truth is, nobody expects you to send detailed and lengthy emails from your phone because it’s just not convenient. You can leave your ‘sent from my iPhone’ signature on to send a short email without seeming rude or dismissive.
  2. Taking Pictures – Although the screen on an iPad or tablet is much larger for viewing images, the camera actually has less megapixels than your smartphone. For clearer pictures and the easy ability to share them across all social media platforms, use your phone.
  3. Mobility – Your phone is the clear choice for anything you need to do on the go. Its small size is great for carrying in your pocket or bag and there are plenty of apps that can hold all of the necessary information you need.

Use your tablet for showing slideshows or documents to others, lengthy emails, and detailed note taking

  1. Showing Docs – Because of the larger screen on your tablet, it’s perfect for displaying floor plans to your client, sharing tables and other data, and having quick meetings with slideshows from just about anywhere. You can also get a lot accomplished by editing docs using your tablet.
  2. Lengthy Emails – Use your tablet for more in depth email conversations. Because of the larger screen, it’s easier to type longer messages on a tablet or you can also purchase a detachable keyboard to use with your tablet.
  3. Detailed Notes – Because there are so many note-taking apps out there with functions like the ability to include photos, videos, and sketches into your notes, tablets are ideal for taking quick detailed notes. Whether you’re meeting with a client and trying to take down as much information as you can or are in a work meeting – tablets will help you get down much better notes.

Tablets and phones are both incredible devices that are taking the tech and productivity world by storm. Follow this guide to make sure you’re using your smart devices efficiently.

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