When you’re business is booming and you’re receiving too many calls to handle on your own, a secretary can come in handy. But let’s face it. Sometimes, hiring a secretary can cost you more than you want to spend and you don’t think you’re quite there yet. Don’t lose all hope just yet. YouMail can help you manage client calls and more.

YouMail’s Business Plan will cost you much less. At $10 a month, you’ll be saving a fortune. Plus, you’ll be getting all these amazing personal assistant tools that will help free up your time leaving you to focus on other pressing matters.

Here are 5 features YouMail offers to better handle your calls and be the ultimate secretary:

  1. Smart Greeting/Business Smart Greeting – Smart Greeting & Business Smart Greeting give your missed callers the personal treatment that a personal assistant would give if they were taking calls for you. With Smart Greeting, your voicemail will greet contacts by name and with Business Smart Greeting, it will also give callers your full name and company name for an added professional touch.
  2. Live Connect – When you can’t take any calls but still want to give your callers other ways to get a hold of someone, you can enable Live Connect to redirect your callers to up to 10 different lines. Have your caller dial the number ‘1′ to reach another extension to a coworker, your home phone, or give them the option to leave a voicemail message. This feature will also give callers the impression that you are a larger business.
  3. Auto-Reply – Use Auto-Reply to quickly get in touch with callers that you miss. Auto-Reply will automatically send missed callers a text or email with your personal away message and include a link to your digital business card or website. Your digital business card is your own personal landing page including your photo, company logo, and any links to your website or social media sites. This way you are still providing clients more information and alternative ways to contact you even when you are not available to answer their call.
  4. Voicemail-to-Text – One thing a secretary would do for you is take down your messages and pass them along to you. YouMail can do the same and in even more detail. Voicemail-to-Text transcribes all of your voicemails into text so that you can easily get an important phone number, address, or time that was included in your message without having to write it down.
  5. Auto-Forwarding – Use Auto-Forwarding to have any unopened voicemail automatically forwarded to a colleague’s or partner’s email address. This prevents voicemail messages from piling up in your inbox causing you to overlook an important voicemail.

YouMail is your small business’s solution to finding an affordable secretary. Keep these key tools in mind and check out YouMail’s other great timesaving features that can make managing your business calls a breeze.