Email clients have a useful tool that allows you to set yourself away and have your messages automatically forwarded to a coworker or assistant. Well with YouMail, you can do the same thing – but with your voicemail messages!

Auto-Forwarding sends any unopened voicemail messages to another email address. Forward your voicemail to a colleague or assistant to make sure important messages are always taken care of even if you are not available.

Auto-Forwarding Tricks

  1. Only forward voicemails after a certain time – If you just want a backup method of checking your messages, forward your voicemail to your email only after a set amount of time has passed. That way if you miss the voicemail alert on your phone you can see the alert again in your email.
  2. Send voicemails to another contact’s email – It’s important to respond to client messages right away. Set up your auto-forwarding to forward to an additional email address, let’s say a partner or coworker, so that each of you have a copy of the message and can work together to respond back to the client quickly.

How to Get Auto-Forwarding

Auto-Forwarding is only a part of the YouMail Business Plan. Upgrade your plan to unlock this helpful call managing tool.

If you are already on the YouMail Business Plan, set up your Auto-Forwarding here.