To be a truly productive small business owner, you have to think outside the box when it comes to how efficiently you can get something done. This means doing a task well in the least amount of time possible. So which tasks should you choose

Here are 4 tasks you can start automating right now to get a move on with the rest of your day:

  1. Social Media Posts – A social media presence is important for every small business, but don’t get stuck on posting. There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to schedule your posts so that you can have content go out during any time of the day whether you’re at your desk or not. With social media scheduling, you can easily plan ahead and save yourself time for doing other tasks. Try tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to start scheduling your posts in advance!
  2. Finding Content – Spending hours on finding content to post on social media? You can save yourself plenty of time every morning if you utilize a content curator that will do the dirty work for you. No more having to search through pages of news stories and blogs to find content to share with your audience. Make use of Google Alerts or Flipboard that keeps tabs on articles or news outlets you’re interested in. It’ll find all relevant content to a topic or industry you’re interested in and present it to you in one manageable list.
  3. Sorting Emails – You get tons of emails a day. Why waste time organizing, deleting, and replying to them when you have better things to do. Make use of labeling your emails so that whenever you receive a new email, it will automatically go into its own corresponding folder. All emails have this filter function available. You just need to set it up. This helps when you want to take care of most important emails before you go through the rest.
  4. Contacting Missed Callers YouMail can get in touch with your missed callers for you.
    Use Auto-Reply to send missed callers an away message with a link to your website, email, and social media sites to let callers know why you are unavailable and to provide them with more information. This shows clients that their call is important to you and will let them when they can expect a call back from you.

Automating tasks can help you have a more productive work week and allows you to spend more time on tasks you can’t automate – like making a great impression at a client meeting. Automate these 4 tasks to increase your efficiency today.