As professionals we strive to be successful and that means being productive day in and day out. But it’s easy to get off course. That is why we put together this list of common time-wasters and apps to combat them. Start using these apps and these “time-wasters” won’t be a problem for you anymore.

1. Time-waster: Getting distracted on social media

Use: ClearLock or Freedom

We’ve all caved in to the urge of scrolling through Facebook or checking in on our connections’ latest tweets, but what we mean to be a two-minute detour can easily become a half hour loss of productivity. That’s why we suggest ClearLock for your Android. It’s easy to use. You select which apps to block on your device and for how long. Block out your social media channels for the entire work day so when you feel the need to get your latest Instagram fix in the middle of writing that important email, sorry but ClearLock won’t let you until 5pm. The Freedom app is available for iPhones. Similar to Clearlock, Freedom lets you block apps that would otherwise distract you from your work. Use these apps to stay focused and be productive.

2. Time-waster: Disorganization

Use: Trello

When you have multiple projects on your hands, emails that need to be sent, and tasks that you need to keep track off, you need a tool to manage it all. That’s where Trello steps in. Rely on this app to create lists and organize tasks. Easily categorize tasks into different projects or simply a to-do list of what needs to get done that day and week. Access your Trello board from your computer or mobile device to always be on top of your to-do’s. You can also share your board with team members so everyone is in sync on the project. Trello is the solution you need to get organized and get your work done smoothly without the risk of a task slipping through the cracks.

3. Time-waster: Coffee run

Use: Starbucks app

Coffee has become so embedded in our morning routine it’s almost like brushing your teeth. You simply have to have a cup of joe to even function, but so does everyone else which makes the lines at coffee shops a complete waste of time that can be spent being productive. Get ahead of the line and use the Starbucks app for Android and iPhone to order and pay for your drink of choice. So the next time you go to Starbucks you can bypass the line, go straight to pick up your drink, and be off to work in no time.

There are many time-wasters professionals face, but here is a list of our top three and the best apps to overcome them and boost your productivity that work day.

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