It’s easy to get stuck in your old ways. Your phone carrier already has voicemail so why do you need anything else? How does that saying go, “If it ain’t broke why fix it?” Because retrieving your voicemail isn’t the most convenient process – dial your voicemail, enter in your PIN, listen to long winded messages, and if you weren’t fast enough to write down that caller’s phone number you have to go through the process and listen to the voicemail again.

If you receive a few voicemails every day the time spent checking messages can easily add up. If only there was some technology that made checking voicemail an easy task. There is! Visual voicemail is a great way for you to not only sift through your messages, but also easily identify who left you a voicemail. Still not sold on leaving your old habits behind?

Here are 3 signs you need to switch to visual voicemail.

For more details on visual voicemail, check out What is Visual Voicemail?

Sign 1: You get more than 5 voicemails a week 

If you are receiving more than 5 voicemails a week you should have jumped on the visual voicemail bandwagon months ago. Visual voicemail gives you a lot more functionality than regular voicemail. You can swipe through a list of your messages to choose which message you want to listen to first, see the duration of a message, and click on the trash can symbol to quickly delete.

Sign 2: Your phone is your business 

When you receive daily messages from your clients, it’s important for your business to call them back as soon as possible. With visual voicemail you can see exactly who left you a message so you know who you need to call back.

Visual Voicemail

Sign 3: You don’t check your voicemail because of the dial-in process

If you have stopped even checking your voicemail because of the process of retrieving messages it is a clear sign you should use visual voicemail. Eliminate the dreaded hassle of dialing your mailbox. With visual voicemail easily tap on a message right from your smartphone to play it back. It is a more convenient and time efficient way to get to your messages.

How much is your time worth to you? Visual voicemail is the tool you need to efficiently manage your voicemail and get back to your callers faster. A great solution is YouMail. The one-stop shop for all of your visual voicemail needs and more. Best part is it’s totally free. Check out YouMail today.

How to Get Visual Voicemail

Who Benefits from a Voicemail App

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