It’s that time of year again. Summer is right around the corner and that means fun and relaxing vacations, going to the beach on Saturdays, and lazy Sundays. Don’t let any clutter bring you down. Get rid of the old and welcome summer with a clean and organized closet, house, and voice mailbox. Here are 6 tips to clear away the cobwebs in your voicemail.

  1. Sort and delete your voicemail

Like getting rid of old clothes out of the closet, sort through your old voicemail and delete the unimportant ones. There’s a lot of clutter having too many voicemails in your mailbox and frankly you just don’t need them anymore, so go ahead and let them go. I promise they won’t be missed.

  1. Save important messages

We all receive messages that are just too darn good to let go. Maybe it was a voicemail from the kids wishing you a happy birthday that is just too priceless to get rid of. If you have voicemails like this, then go to your inbox online at, click on the message and next to “Share” click on the floppy disk symbol to download the voicemail as an mp3 file on your computer. This way you can file away the message on your computer instead of your mailbox and can keep it forever.

  1. Create folders

If you use your phone for your business, organize your mailbox and create folders for different clients. Then file away your messages to the appropriate folder just like you do with email. To create folders in the iPhone app click on the ‘Messages’ tab, tap on ‘Inbox,’ then click on the plus sign to create a new folder. For the Android app, in the ‘Messages’ tab click on the three dots and select ‘Create Folder.’

  1. Mass delete old messages

Have a ton of messages in your inbox? Get rid of old messages in one fell swoop by going to your YouMail inbox on your online account. Click on the tab that says ‘1-50’ and select “1-100” or “1-500” to view more messages than check off the empty square at the top of the page to select all messages and delete. Goodbye old messages and hello clean inbox.

  1. Mailbox clean-up setting

Adjust your mailbox clean-up setting here. You can choose to automatically move messages to the trash folder after 30 days or move oldest messages to the trash when your mailbox is full. Choose between these settings to auto-clean your mailbox. Choose your setting and let it go.

  1. Purge the trash folder

There’s no use keeping messages in the trash folder. It’s in the trash for a reason. Just delete the messages from the trash folder through the YouMail app or online account and rid yourself of those messages for good.

Follow these 6 steps and you will have a clean and organized voice mailbox just in time for summer. And when your done here feel free to take on your closet next.

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Time to Clean Out Your Mailbox

  1. My folders seem to be all empty now but when someone tries to leave a message they hear that my voice mail is full!!!

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