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When starting a new job or striving to get a promotion it’s easy to get into the mindset of having to do everything you are asked. Will you take this client? Sure thing! Can you get me this report by end of day? I’ll have it on your desk before lunch! While being an overachiever is great, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. If this is your reality, read on to these three reasons why being a “yes” man is a bad idea.

  1. You will get burnt out

Maybe it won’t be today or tomorrow but you will reach a point where being the first one in and last one out gets old. Continuously adding to your plate is not good for your sanity. If you start missing happy hour with your girlfriends or your nephew’s birthday on Saturday because you have to go back into the office over the weekend, you’ll start resenting your job. Don’t let your life be consumed by work.

  1. Your output quality will suffer

When you are a “yes” man or “yes” woman you always accept any task that comes your way no matter if the job is coming from your boss or a coworker. This behavior is understandable, you want to show you are dependable and can do it all, but the biggest harm is to your output quality. When you have too much on your plate you might not spend the appropriate amount of time needed on your tasks and your work won’t be the best it could be. You may think accepting all tasks is building yourself up in the eyes of your superiors and colleagues but in fact it can be the exact opposite.

  1. Everyone will get used to adding more to your plate

What may have started as one favor to a friend could turn into a routine. Don’t get stuck as a “yes” man because it’s a downward spiral. If you keep saying “yes” to everything asked of you, people will start to think you’re Superman and will keep packing things on. If you don’t say “no” people won’t know that you already have your hands full.

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