Breaks boost productivity

Employees and even yourself, ultimately lose productivity when worked to the bone. We know everyone is busy but being a workaholic and staring at your computer all hours of the day is draining and does more harm than good. Here are 3 reasons why you should encourage your employees that taking a break is best for productivity, and don’t forget to practice what you preach.

  1. Avoid burnout

The repetitious nature of constantly working and draining yourself can lead you to dread the job you once loved. Not to mention, work days could seem like they go on forever if you are stuck at your desk for eight hours. All of this will lead you or your employees to burnout and not be productive. Avoid burnout with scheduled breaks throughout the day. You’ll find stepping away from work for a short while will put you in a better mood when you go back to work.

  1. Step away and refresh the mind

There are many benefits from taking a break. Stepping away from work and getting fresh air can help refresh your mind, but to get the best results you actually have to step away. Scrolling through Facebook on your phone doesn’t refresh your batteries that’s more like an extended distraction. Instead, go for a walk or take your lunch break outside. You may even get a new perspective on your work after stepping away. And once you’re recharged you’ll be ready to get your work done faster.

  1. Keep morale up

Don’t let the company culture slip into a cluster of workaholic zombies. That kind of atmosphere does not make for a fun place to work. Instead, take a break with other employees and take a responsible amount of time to socialize. Keep the atmosphere light and stress free so everyone will enjoy coming to work. After all, a happy employee will be more energized to get their work done and be more productive.

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