Productivity before the holidays

It’s officially holiday season and many have plans to take a break from work and celebrate the season with family and friends. While it’s difficult to not day dream about the time off and all the great food you will be eating the work still must get done before you go on vacation. Here are three tips to finish your work strong so you can relax and enjoy the holidays worry free.

  1. Watch out for distractions

Ok, with all the holiday chaos going around it’s hard not to notice. While you are at work skip out of checking social media. Seeing your friends starting to enjoy the holidays or what they just bought from the Black Friday sales will just make you lose focus. When you start to daydream about your holiday fun or start making a mental list of the gifts you still need to buy, bring yourself back down to earth and remember you have a job to finish and can’t afford to waste time.

  1. Plan accordingly and start early

When you schedule your vacation days ahead of time plan all the tasks you need to get done before hand. Make a list and start checking things off. This may require you to stay a little late after work but when you checked everything off the list it will all be worth it. You can officially be in vacation mode not worrying about any loose strings at work.

  1. Remember to work hard then play harder

If you start to feel burned out for making up for the time you will be out, take a five-minute break, clear your mind, then get back to work. You can’t afford to get sloppy so make sure you are always putting out quality work. Then enjoy the holidays relaxing with family and friends!

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