Nobody understands the growing issue and annoyance robocalls bring to US consumers more than we do. To fully understand how much of an increasing problem robocalls have become we release a monthly Robocall Index that tracks the growing robocall trend all over the US.


Now that we’ve identified the problem, we made a massive improvement to our YouMail iPhone and Android apps to fight robocalls. The YouMail apps now QUIETLY ignore robocallers and other unwanted callers, and fool those callers into thinking your phone is out of service, so you get taken off their call lists for good.


That means, when YouMail recognizes a “bad guy”, it will:

1. Make sure your phone doesn’t ring.

2. Play an “out of service” greeting.


It will also put all automatically blocked calls on your history tab.


(For iPhone users, be sure to update to iOS 10.1. Go to your main phone Settings – then Phone, and Call Blocking and Identification and make sure YouMail is “on”.  This will give YouMail permission to block unknown callers.)

YouMail is leading the fight against robocalls. By identifying billions of calls and playing millions of “out of service” greetings, we’ve helped over a million YouMailers get removed from telemarketing lists.

How do we do it? By working with users like you to help us to understand nationwide robocall patterns. We’re committed to stopping robocalls and spammers for good. Check out The YouMail Robocall Index™, which estimates monthly robocall volume in the United States.

Help us do even better by reporting the spammers that harass you. We’re here to help!



2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Silence – New App Improvements

    1. Hi Drew, this update was released over two weeks ago. If you do not see an update you have already updated to the latest version.

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