Making clients feel special is important – whether you’re a realtor or small business owner. It’s the difference between securing a happy client for years to come and losing a sale. Clients want to know that you value their business. After all, they are choosing to do business with you because you can provide them with a superior service to your competitors. Make sure your clients know they’re appreciated by going the extra mile to let them know you care. There’s a high possibility that a satisfied and impressed client could refer you to their friends and family.

Here Are 4 Impressive Ways to Make Clients Feel Special:

Send cards – Apart from the traditional thank you card, you should remember your clients at Christmas or their birthday. Sending cards during special occasions lets your clients know you think of them as more than just business. You recognize they are a real person and want to stay in touch. It’s also a good idea to send check up cards every now and then just to let them know they are still in your thoughts. And make it personal – not a laminated, pre-written message that you send to all of your clients. A handwritten card could go a long way.

Throw a gathering – You can instantly reconnect with your former clients with an inexpensive, yet classy barbecue or craft circle. For example, if your business is wedding planning invite your former brides for an afternoon event of handmade card-making or DIY scrapbooking. You can team up with a local vendor and host the party and allow your guests to bring a friend. It’ll be a great way for you to meet with potential clients and get your brand in front of more people. If you are a realtor, offer to throw your clients a housewarming party after they purchase their home. You could get the contact info of their friends and family and send them thank you cards for attending the party.

Highlight clients on your website – Nothing shows a client you care about their business like asking if they can be featured on your website or social media page. This gesture lets them know you’re proud of your business with them and want to show off to your circle that you had such a great client. Ask them simple interview questions about what they liked about the process of working with you, snap a few pictures, and mention them in your post. They’ll be likely to share your story on their own social media page or send the link to their friends and family, which could lead to more clients down the road.

Meet with them outside of the office – Ask your client where they would prefer to meet: in their home, at a café, or restaurant? Taking the work away from the unfamiliar space of your office makes your client feel more comfortable and willing to trust you. And a more comfortable client means it’ll be easier to discuss what they want or are looking for. Make the process move along more smoothly and let them know you want to help them on their terms because you are there for them.

You can always add your own personal touch to the way you close a deal or work with a client. It’s up to you to genuinely show your clients you care so that they know they can recommend you to a friend and rely on you from start to finish. Keep these four tips in mind for new ways to make your clients feel special.