In today’s business world, there is a multitude of forms of communication where customers can get in touch with businesses. Yet with new forms of contact like social media and live chat, phone calls remain a popular choice for consumers to use. However, business calls do come with a major set back. Depending on the size of your business you may not be able to answer every call that comes in which could lead to a bad experience for your customers. YouMail aims to give your clients a customizable experience that will set you apart from competitors.

Use these professional YouMail features:

Professionally Recorded Greeting – Create a custom greeting to be recorded by our professional voice talent. YouMail’s greeting will also greet callers by their name to add a personalized experience.

Live-Connect – Set up different extensions so when you are unavailable to answer, callers can press ‘0’ to reach your assistant or partner. You can also create different extensions for different departments such as ‘Sales’ or ‘Billing’ to give off the impression that you are a larger business.

Auto-Reply – Send an automated text or email to your caller with a custom away message after they call. Also include links to your website, email, and social media sites to let the caller know that you value and will return their call as well as offer alternative ways to contact you.

All of these features are included in the YouMail Professional plan. If you want to give your clients a pleasant experience every time they call upgrade to YouMail Professional.

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  1. Great article. In this tech world communication is the key factor for any business. For small business, communication is the one of the major sources.

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