T-Mobile Prepaid Supports YouMail

Over the years, we’ve had many hundreds of thousands of T-mobile Prepaid users sign up for YouMail.     In fact, it’s been a huge source of new accounts for YouMail, as the robocall epidemic got larger and larger and they were crying out for a free way to stop all of those annoying robocalls!

However, those poor users would then hit a brick wall.

It turns out that T-mobile Prepaid did not allow their subscribers to use conditional call forwarding – the way that YouMail users arrange for the carrier to forward missed calls to us, so we could replace their carrier voicemail (and do magical things like playing the out of service message to robocallers).

This made those users really unhappy, and it made us really frustrated that we couldn’t help them out.

The good news is that this issue has been fixed.   That’s right, T-mobile Prepaid users can now have YouMail.   And it’s easy:

  1. Download the latest version of our on either Android or iPhone.
  2. Run the app and log in.
  3. Follow the directions from the app to dial the codes that make YouMail your voicemail.

Enjoy.   And a great big shout out to T-mobile for letting all of their customers now use YouMail!


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2 thoughts on “T-Mobile Prepaid Now Supports YouMail

  1. Does this still work as of 9/5/2023? I just switched to Helium mobile with apparently runs off the T-Mobile prepaid plan. It was working for me on 8/25/2023, but I figured out today that it stopped working.

    1. T-mobile prepaid does still support YouMail. However, the various other brands like Helium are actually running on top of T-mobile wholesale and make their own decisions as to whether or not to support conditional call forwarding (which is needed for YouMail to run). The best thing would be to contac their support team.

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