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Are you overwhelmed with work and you have insufficient staff to handle the overload? Are you too busy focusing on other customer service matters and end up having to ignore incoming calls? Are you prioritizing email and social media rather than phone calls? If you have employees, are they constantly away from their desks and can’t get to a phone?

In this article we cover:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably guilty of improper missed call handling and likely losing more business than you know. The good news is that there are now invaluable apps to assist with just that situation.

The Cost Of Improper Missed Call Handling

It turns out that 80% of all business takes place over the phone, and that a shocking 85% of the people who whose call you miss won’t call back. Unfortunately, this will lead to 60% of unhappy clients taking their business elsewhere and that directly equates to lost profits. Making a calculation for your business’s specific potentially lost revenue is easy. Just use the following equation:

$Ave Deal Size * # Missed Calls/Week * 0.85 * 0.60 = $Your Potential Losses/Week

The most successful way to overcome missed calls is to obviously not miss them in the first place. However, life gets in the way, especially for a small business owner, sole proprietor or budding entrepreneur. If you fall into any of these categories, then you will be happy to learn about what adding an Auto-Reply feature can do to retain that lost business.

Auto-Reply For Missed Call Handling

What exactly is Auto-Reply?
When you can’t answer a call, an app with Auto-Reply will get back to them right away by automatically sending TXT/SMS messages to that caller.

What does Auto-Reply achieve?
Auto-Reply lets callers know that you received their message, and when you’ll get back to them, along with any other pertinent information you would like to pass along to ease the wait.

The best visual voicemail to text services provide an auto-reply feature for when callers leave messages so that you can establish and maintain those important connections.

Auto-Reply For Your Small Business

Every call coming into your business can potentially be not only a single new customer but could be the start of the most profitable relationship your business has ever seen. Realistically, you probably can’t answer every call or even finding the time to listen, take notes and respond – especially when you’re on the go and super busy. To add insult to injury, many callers don’t like leaving voicemails and want an instant response.

Ultimately, missed calls can make or break your small business and require proper follow-up.

Auto-Reply is an easy and valuable way to turn a phone call into a text message or email messaging session. And with apps like YouMail, you can customize that Auto-Reply for each caller or type of caller to provide a highly professional response leaving the caller feeling that you really care.

Imagine that the next time long-time customer Mark calls and you can’t pick up, he receives a text that says “Hi Mark, your call is important to me. I’ll be available today after 3pm.” Or if it as an unknown incoming caller (that is not an automatically blocked robocall), they receive the text “Sorry I missed your call. Your call is very important to me and while I’m busy now I’ll be available today after 3pm.” Combine this feature with other features like Auto-Routing and you are on your way to having a true eReceptionist.

Bottom-line, your small business deserves a world-class autoreply experience for your prospects and current customers, and it is easier than you think to get started with YouMail. In fact, it’s risk-free and you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

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