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Sandra Bullock is famously quoted as saying “I’ll do anything for free stuff.” While she may be an Oscar winning actress, she actually is representing a very human characteristic, which is the desire to get something of value for free. But it was Gabriel Bell back in the fifteenth century who said, “You get what you pay for.” The implication being that if it is free it is likely not worth anything. Now in the 21st century, those to sentiments collide with the marketing strategies for free offers.

In this article we cover:

Free Offers Aren’t Always Free

There are a number of ways that savvy marketing professionals entice prospects to try their solutions. In addition to classic sales approaches, advertising, testimonials, events and websites, the most used technique is to offer something for free. As you probably have experienced a time or two, all free offers are not created equal.

The three most common approaches are:

  • Free Download: this offer is almost as bad as a phishing scam since you are enticed to download the App of your dreams only to find out that once it is installed on your mobile phone for free, you have to pay a monthly fee to use activate it and use even a single feature.
  • Free Download + Trial: this offer is just once step above the Free Download described above and uses a technique made popular by drug dealers. As bad as that sounds it is true in that the “free trial” is meant to get you dependent on these features so that you will need to pay for them to keep them going.
  • Free Forever: this offer is the Holy Grail of free offers and is the only one that provides you the features you desire with no strings attached for as long as you desire to take advantage of them.

When it comes to your mobile phone, it seems there is no end to the number of free offers available. As you can imagine not all free offers are truly free, so what should you expect if you wanted something free forever?

What Should Be Free For Phone Services?

You actually should expect more from your mobile phone given the number of features it is capable of in today’s app-driven world. Of course, you can always pay for higher levels of service, but have you ever stopped to evaluate what you could expect for free? Here is a list of the features you should expect “free forever”:

  • Effective Call blocking: at a minimum, you should have the ability to automatically stop robocalls without having to have your phone ring, and at best, it should also give you custom call blocking to block calls from other numbers.
  • Custom Voicemail Greetings: at a minimum, you should be able to delight callers by automatically giving every caller a personalized voicemail greeting or recording special greetings in your own voice.
  • Visual Voicemail: at a minimum you should be have the ability to be more productive with cloud-based visual voicemail. Get your messages anywhere and save them forever. You should also be able to get voicemail-to-text by app, email or TXT.
  • Better Caller ID: at a minimum you should no longer have to ask, “Who called me?”, but instead the App should do an automatic reverse phone lookup to identify your missed callers.

Clearly these aren’t services provided effectively by your mobile phone provider, so you will have to look to the app world to find a supplement. Unfortunately, you will find dozens of apps that profess “free” but in fact do not deliver “free forever” for these expected services. The good news is that there is one vendor who does in fact deliver “free forever.”

How to block robocalls

Truly Free Robocall Blocking

Yes, you guessed it, YouMail delivers all of these features for free, forever. You can join the millions of satisfied YouMailers today to enjoy a mobile phone experience of unparalleled robocall blocking while delighting your callers and becoming more productive in the process.

You don’t have to fall for “free” gimmicks when you can actually get robocall blocking truly free forever and you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

How to Stop Robocalls Forever

How to get a Free Phone Number

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14 thoughts on “When Is Something Really Free?

    1. Unfortunately, no. Boost Mobile made a conscious decision that its users can’t forward missed calls to 3rd parties like YouMail. We’d love to help, but hard to overcome carrier’s that don’t care.

    1. Robocall blocking, visual voicemail (with a huge mailbox), cloud-based access, and even personal greetings and conference calls are free. We are always working to provide more stuff for free, but we have to pay for transcriptions – so we have a limit, but don’t ever include spam/scam calls or calls from other YouMailers in those limits. We find most people with more voicemail are using YouMail for business – and we’re really focused on being free forever for personal use.

  1. I am still trying to figure out how this all works. I have clicked on buttons looking for items and turned off things. It is difficult when you really don’t have a clue what you are doing.

    1. That’s why we have live chat and a great customer support team. Just contact us at during normal business hours.

  2. hello..
    Thank you all for the work you put in with this app. I have no complaints. In fact it works beautifully.

  3. TANSTAFL – There ain’t no such thing as free lunch. I may not have to pay for it, but YouMail does. How? Do you show me lots of ads?

    1. Some ads, but not a lot. But mostly we try to keep free expesnes EXTREMELY low, and the paid users basically subsidize the free, and a decent number of free upgrade to paid.

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