A company’s reputation is all that separates one from the other as more and more goods and services become commoditized. Some organizations have built their entire success on their dependability, availability, hospitality or even integrity as a primary brand value.

When a cybercriminal decides to use that very brand strength to target unsuspecting consumers, it is ultimately the brand that suffers the most in addition to that unfortunate individual consumer.

In this article we cover:

Reputation Services Demystified

Believe it or not, there is an entire industry dedicated to protecting your brand’s reputation. For a fee (of course) there are companies that will provide you everything from the tools to measure satisfaction and dissatisfaction to actually automatically responding to negative reviews and criticism. There are four methods to better understand and handle potential brand reputation issues that may manifest:

  • Net Promoter Score: Focuses on the measurement of customer experience and predicts business growth. This is a formal index ranging from -100 to 100 measuring willingness to recommend a company’s products or services.
  • Brand Reputation Management Service: Focuses on the overall perception of a brand across all media. This started out for primarily press and analyst coverage with ranking media connections and rapidly repair reputation attacks.
  • Online Reputation Management Service: Focuses primarily on online reviews and social media with services that include monitoring, analytics, Influencing and control all digital content exposures.
  • Call Reputation Management Service: Focuses on fraudulent call campaigns executed for phishing purposes that can negatively impact a large brand. Understanding the volume, geography and nature of the spam call gives the targeted vendor the ability to respond rapidly and protect their reputation.

Of these four, the most recent is the one starting to have to require the most attention as it is now delivering the most negative impact. The epidemic of robocalls flooding everyone’s mobile phones has taken on new and creative ways to trick the caller into believing something needs to be done to keep their relationship with a well-known brand.

Robocall Epidemic Affects Company Reputation

As more people rely on their mobile phone than ever before, it is no wonder that cyber criminals have shifted their attention from desktop computers to mobile phones? The latest statistics show that 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device and that consumers now spend more than five hours per day on their smartphones.

The YouMail Robocall Index reports monthly volumes that news, magazine and government agencies depend upon for the most current data and in December 2019 alone we saw 4.6B calls placed which was an average of 147.3M per day, 6.1M per hour, 1.7K per second or 13.9 per person. For example, have you by any chance gotten a call where an automated voice says something like this?

“This is the AT&T account verification department your account has been suspended, for verification to reactivate your account please press 1, to speak to an AT&T representative please press 2.”

The good news is that you are not alone as 4.5 million people also got this message recently. The other good news is that your account wasn’t actually suspended. The bad news is that this robocall disrupted your day and if you actually engaged you may have been defrauded.

Mostly large brands are affected by the cyber scammers but knowing exactly when and how this type of spam call is being made will allow organization to respond in a timely manner.

Visual Voicemail

Getting To A Timely Response

Yes, timing is everything when it comes to brand reputation. Knowing exactly what types of calls are being made across a specific geography during a specific timeframe that fraudulently represent themselves as your brand will allow your organization to make public statements and warn your customer base and market at large of the scam. A call reputation service will monitor billions of calls and provide you the timely insight into when your brand reputation may be in harm’s way courtesy of robocallers.

Bottomline, every company deserves to know if their brand is being used for phishing and spam calls by cyber criminals looking to cash in on people’s willingness to answer the wrong call, and it is easier than you think to get started with YouMail. Just contact us today and we can help.

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