When starting up or growing a local business, it’s always challenging to find the right ways to reach a local audience.   That’s why people try billboards, bus benches, bleachers at the park, signs hung from the back of airplanes, or even flyers at the local coffee shop. 

All of which take some serious effort or spend or both.

We want to help businesses grow, but effortlessly and cost effectively.

To that end, we’ve now launched YouMail Campaigns, a great way to reach the right local audience for your business in just minutes.  You can now effortlessly create ads and buy “area codes”, so your ads get in front of YouMail users in your town or region, while they’re in the YouMail iPhone or Android app.   

This means it takes just a few minutes to blanket YouMail users in the 310 area code with ads for your West LA fitness training business or 415 for your San Francisco dog walking business or 702 for your Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry package. (And not just California and Nevada. There are over 300 area codes available in the US.)

Just pick an area code, add a message, provide an image, and specific a simple call to action. We’ll create your ad, show you a preview for your approval, and you’re off and running. And people who see the ad can easily click to call you or go to your web site to learn more.

You can get started in just minutes (and we will even give you a free advertising credit for your trouble). Then kick back and enjoy seeing your business grow faster!

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