PhoneTag and YouMail

Today, we’re announcing that YouMail has acquired PhoneTag, a direct-to-consumer voicemail service.   PhoneTag was founded in 2003!   So it is a service that has been around longer than YouMail.  It’s also a service that those of us at YouMail secretly admired for some time for their dedicated focus on delivering high-quality voicemail transcriptions by e-mail to business users, long before anyone else, including us.

So we’re really excited to have the PhoneTag users become part of the YouMail family.  In fact, the Phone Tag users are already running on YouMail’s communication platform.  That means that PhoneTag users are benefiting effortlessly from an improved voicemail experience that now includes protection from robocalls and voice phishing messages.  They also have access now to YouMail’s award-winning iPhone and Android apps.  And they are still getting their voicemail by e-mail, including the voicemail to text transcriptions, just like before.

PhoneTag’s customers can also easily upgrade to get YouMail’s virtual numbers and our complete suite of advanced virtual receptionist features. YouMail apps on iPhone and Android.

So this acquisition is very good for PhoneTag users.  But what’s in it for YouMail?

It’s simple.   Acquiring PhoneTag increases the footprint of our premium consumer subscription business.  More subscribers on a given platform with a given team to support them is always better!

In fact, this is such a win-win, that YouMail is actively exploring similar acquisitions where our platform can support and run communication services more efficiently and provide users with a better, more secure communication experience.

But for now, welcome PhoneTag users!

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