What is America without choice? Every day, we choose between DoorDash and Postmates, iOS and Android, Coke and Pepsi. Imagine a world without choice. It would be much more predictable and boring — which on second thought actually doesn’t sound so bad in the throes of 2020. Present circumstances aside, choice makes the American free-market go by stimulating healthy competition that leads to innovation. Some might argue that Apple hasn’t innovated with its iPad line in years because there’s no real competition in the category. Sports video games suffer yearly criticism for being more like updates than new experiences. Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL is a prime example, owning exclusive licensing rights to the National Football League since 2004. Sure, the partnership shut down fierce competition from Take-Two Interactive’s acclaimed NFL 2K series, but at what cost? There’s been no one to push EA to drastically improve its product in more than a decade. At the end of the day, the consumer loses.

The same principles apply to your phone service. Your mobile phone probably comes prepackaged with visual voicemail, but did you know it’s not the only game in town? You can change your visual voicemail service. And you have a better choice. Us.

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Visual voicemail allows you view, play back, and read your voicemails in any order you like. Back in the day, voicemail was linear, meaning you had to listen to your messages in order off a cassette tape. If you wanted to skip ahead, you had to fast-forward and guess where to stop. Eventually, voicemail evolved into a CD-like experience in which whole messages could be skipped. Still though, each message was a mystery until you actually listened to it.

One of the big features of Apple’s first iPhone back in 2007 was visual voicemail. It was introduced to a mass audience for the first time and ended up becoming the norm. To this day, however, many don’t realize they can choose alternatives to AT&T visual voicemail, T-Mobile visual voicemail, Verizon visual voicemail, and all the rest. Even in the business world, many companies still use “dumb” voicemail services.

How archaic.

The Benefits of Visual Voicemail

For personal use, visual voicemail does away with the constant need to call in to an inbox. Really, when’s the last time you called in to check your voicemails? Do you have any idea what your voicemail password is? Chances are you don’t.

Visual voicemail allows us to treat our missed calls like we do emails and texts messages: with a dedicated on-screen inbox that we can read, copy, paste, and organize from in a few taps. If your child’s school district calls you with general announcements, some might be critical, others less so. You can let that robocall go to voicemail and read the message a few seconds later to quickly determine if it’s something that needs your attention right away. If not, save it for later instead of losing two minutes on a bulletin about new procedures for kids in other grades. Visual voicemail allows you to get on with your life in seconds.

In a business environment, it’s frankly a crime at this point not to equip your staff with visual voicemail. Traditional voicemail leaves your company slower and less responsive.


This isn’t some high-end feature reserved for big businesses with unlimited resources. Visual voicemail is well within reach for small businesses. Not to mention, it’s something that can be combined with a suite of other handy services that ensures your team will stay on top of every incoming communication: complaints, technical issues, sales inquiries, etc.

Affordable and Powerful: The YouMail Choice

YouMail offers an industry-leading visual voicemail alternative that’s accessible on any device: desktop, smartphone, or tablet, iOS or Android (choice!). Our voicemail-to-text and voicemail-to-email services are highly accurate. We even divert spam automatically to protect your privacy and turn down the noise — 3.8 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in November 2020 alone; 62 percent were classified as either scams or telemarketing. YouMail can even prevent future robocalls by playing an “out of service” recording to known malicious numbers. This tells their systems that your number is out of service and should be removed from their lists.

Visual Voicemail

Best of all, YouMail Visual Voicemail is free. If you’re already getting visual voicemail for free from your carrier, the setup process is easy to follow on our app (iOS or Android). You can start taking advantage of our free features — including visual voicemail, robocall blocking, caller ID, and custom voicemail greetings — in no time. If you’re looking for the optimal small business setup, we have affordable plans for that too, featuring extra lines, auto attendant, auto replies, and more.

Don’t take for granted that default carrier voicemail is your best option. No matter your need or your budget, you have a choice. Exercise your right to choose YouMail Visual Voicemail today.

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