Great partnerships are forged on common ground. Remember that scene from the movie Step Brothers where Brennan and Dale become best friends? By discovering everything they had in common — velociraptors, Good Housekeeping magazine, and John Stamos — they realized they were meant for each other, not mortal enemies. Upon this breakthrough, they adjourned to the basement to do karate, naturally. Such connections don’t just happen in funny movies and personal relationships, but in business partnerships as well. We see it in complementary brands like Red Bull and GoPro, Nike and Apple, and Taco Bell and Doritos (your personal opinion on Cool Ranch tacos notwithstanding).

Recently, we here at YouMail announced our own marriage made in heaven when we acquired the Dale to our Brennan, UK mobile services provider Thumbtel. Welcome, Dale!

In this article, we cover:

We’ve heard from more and more customers that they wanted us to expand our offerings beyond the United States and Canada. Well, message received loud and clear. Our acquisition of Thumbtel allows us to expand our offerings to the United Kingdom as well. Thumbtel already offers two fantastic apps that we are ecstatic to bring into the YouMail family: Another Number and Hullomail.

Come Get Another Number

Another Number features should sound very familiar to YouMail users. Just as its name suggests, Another Number provides UK users with a second phone line. Why would anyone need a second phone number? It’s the same reason we offer it in the United States: to separate your work number from your personal number, for greater privacy (“priv-uh-see,” as they pronounce it across the pond), to screen calls from unknown numbers, and to help keep your “real” number anonymous.

YouMail and Another Number both allow you to manage your second line on one smartphone. Long gone are the days when it was necessary to carry a whole second phone around to enjoy the benefits of two lines. By eliminating the second phone, you also eliminate a second SIM card, a second contract, and the need to maintain a second contact list. Not only does this make your life simpler, it also benefits the environment by reducing your waste footprint. That second number living entirely on a third-party service also allows you access to it from any device (iOS and Android), anywhere. Imagine deciding to escape the confines of your office for the afternoon in favor of your local coffee shop, the beach, or on the road (#vanlife). YouMail and Another Number grant you the freedom to escape to your favorite spots along the Pacific coast or deep in the British countryside, respectively, without falling completely off the grid.

Hello Hullomail

Thumbtel’s other app, Hullomail, takes another page out of the YouMail playbook: enhanced voicemail. Just like YouMail, Hullomail delivers the added benefits of third-party visual voicemail, high-quality voicemail-to-text-or-email transcriptions, and inbox searchability — a knock-out punch particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking wring every last bit of value from every dollar they spend.

Hullomail, too, understands that carrier voicemail, while seemingly adequate, has its limitations. Customers in the United Kingdom will continue to enjoy the same great benefits from Hullomail that American users enjoy with YouMail, like accessibility from any device (iOS or Android), greater inbox management with automatic transcription forwarding to email, and searchability. When voice messages are converted to text, your business can tap into a new world of possibilities. Not only does it become easier to skim through messages when they’re converted to text, they become easier to organize. When juggling voice messages, it is nearly impossible to locate an archived message unless you have a photographic memory of when you received that call. However, when you’re able to pop in a keyword into a search bar, you’re instantly able to locate and review the message in question as well as all other messages you have saved on the topic.

This is a life-saver.

Welcome to the War on Robocalls

Another Number and Hullomail have a fair amount to gain by joining the YouMail family, namely best-in-class robocall protection. Users throughout the UK and Ireland now get to enjoy the same data benefits as their YouMail counterparts in the good ol’ US of A. In good time, Thumbtel app users will have access to our extensive database of millions of flagged spam, scam, and telemarketer phone numbers from our Robocall Index.

With knowledge comes power, and now that we’ve expanded our reach beyond North America, the Robocall Index and our robocall blocking data will become more powerful than ever. With this acquisition, YouMail is putting the scammers and fraudsters of the robocall community on notice. Your days are numbered.

Thumbtel: “Did we just become best friends?”

YouMail: “Yep!”

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