We’re excited to have a new partnership with VoxOx, that we think will noticeably reduce the number of fraudulent robocalls in the US.

Among other helpful services, VoxOX operates an international gateway that allows calls from outside the US to make their way onto the US telephone network and make their way to end consumers. If you think this is a valuable service, you’d be right. For example, if you’re a business with a call center in India that needs to call customers in the US, the calls will at some point travel through a gateway like VoxOx.

The challenge, is that many calls that come into the US are fraudulent.   They are IRS impostor scams, Tech Support scams, Interest Rate scams, and more. Pretty much any type of phone fraud you can think of, there are bad guys in a foreign country trying to perpetrate it on people in the US. Ideally, a gateway wants to keep the worst of those calls from every entering the US. 

But with billions of calls coming in every month, how do you find the fraudulent ones – so you can cut off those scams at the source?

Enter YouMail.

With over 10 million people who have signed up for YouMail’s visual voicemail and call protection service, we have an enormous proprietary sensor network. Combining that with our “Shazam for Spam” technology lets us to do zero-hour detection of when a phone number has misbehaved. This allows us to help provide detailed information to our carrier partners, which in turn helps them determine if that call actually originated or traversed their network. It also allows them to find the customer making those calls, and shut that customer off cold. 

In simple terms, instead of blocking those calls when they’re about to hit a phone, we’re stopping them from ever being made in the first place. Pretty neat, right?

In fact, that means we’re protecting everyone, not just YouMail users. And we’re stopping millions of calls all at once, instead of stopping a million calls, one at a time. Yeah, you could say we’re excited about this.

We’re looking forward to watching VoxOx quickly eliminate the worst fraud from its network by using our help to stop that call traffic at the source.

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