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Imagine having the power to fly. You could fetch items from the top shelf without a ladder, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and save a bundle on airplane tickets. But what if there was a catch? What if your awesome new powers were confined to your home? The second you walk out of the front door, you’re a ground-bound mortal once again, stuck paying full price for a round-trip flight to Albuquerque. You wouldn’t even be able to use your powers to retrieve a cat stuck in a tree. You might start thinking it’s not even worth it. Why bother? Your T-Mobile voicemail isn’t much different.

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When visual voicemail was first introduced to most of the world along with Apple’s iPhone in 2007, it was absolutely magical. Like transitioning from cassette tapes to CDs to mp3s for our music, the move from voicemails recorded on cassette to those on a digital voicemail system to visual voicemail was a revelation. No longer would we be required to hold down the fast-forward button or run through our messages one at a time in chronological order. Now we’d be able to view all our messages in our inbox and directly select which to listen to on demand. The luster of that original unveiling hasn’t worn off very much over the intervening 14 years. It’s a spectacular power that we take for granted today. Perhaps we have an inability to fathom anything much better. Thirty years ago, the only thing we could imagine better than a car was a flying car. Electric cars turned out to be the actual cool evolutionary step.

So what is the next cool and exciting evolutionary step for voicemail? YouMail offers more powerful voicemail features that you may not have realized you were missing. Here are five reasons to expand your superpowers beyond the confines of your T-Mobile carrier voicemail.

1. Voicemail to Text

Voicemail-to-text is a fundamental feature that we associate with visual voicemail, but it’s not always included for free. While iPhone users enjoy free voicemail-to-text transcription by Siri, it’s not always included for Android users. T-Mobile offers a free trial of voicemail-to-text, but if you want the service permanently, it’ll cost you $4 per month. YouMail voicemail-to-text is completely free, by the way.

2. Cloud-Based

Have you ever noticed your voicemails are somewhat confined to your phone? On iPhone, you can manually share individual voicemail audio recordings. You can even select and copy the transcription text, but it’s a highly manual, inelegant solution. Surely we can do better. Well, YouMail does. We free your voicemail inbox from the prison of your phone. Access audio and transcriptions from anywhere: your tablet, your computer, other phones — anywhere you can download our App Store app or Google Play app, or access the internet, you can check your messages and manage your inbox.

And, if you have multiple lines, you can unify your cell, home, and work phone all into a single mailbox. We’ll clearly identify which number was called and you can even set separate greetings.

3. Filter Spam

YouMail hangs its hat on robocall blocking. We have stopped more than 1 billion robocalls from ever being made. Our extensive database is more powerful than anything T-Mobile offers natively. In fact, their “premium” Scam Shield blocker will help you for an extra fee — a fee that does not exist with YouMail robocall blocking. Do you see a pattern forming? We give our users the full, unvarnished robocall-eradicating experience completely free. Our technology is so smart, it plays a number-out-of-service message when you receive a call from a known robocall threat. This ensures your number is removed from the fraudsters’ lists to prevent future attempts. It’s quite ingenious.

4. Personalized Greetings

Sure, you can record your own personalized voicemail greeting, but does T-Mobile’s service allow you to create personalized greetings for specific callers? (No, it doesn’t.) For all you entrepreneurs, a personalized smart greeting can give high-value clients and prospects an extra special touch. You can record greeting that address VIPs by name and assure them you will return their call ASAP.

5. Searchability

By having a single, unified voicemail inbox across devices with free voicemail-to-text unlocks another excellent feature: voicemail searchability. If you’re a very busy, very popular person with a large library of voicemails, how do you find a specific voicemail you’re looking for easily? You pretty much need impeccable recall of the date, time, and caller of the message you’re looking for. On the other hand, when your voicemail inbox is akin to an email inbox or text message inbox, you get the ability to search for specific terms that will deliver your desired message quickly and without fuss. You can even organize and archive your voicemails for posterity.

Now that you’re able to fathom a better voicemail experience and you want it for free — rather than getting nickeled and dimed by T-Mobile’s offerings — YouMail is the choice for you.

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