The far, far off future is often referred to as the light at the end of a tunnel. Visually, we imagine it as a tiny dot in an otherwise empty void, a pipe dream thousands of light years away. In spring of 2020, the end of the pandemic felt just as distant — that same spec of light at the other end of the universe. We haven’t quite made it out of the tunnel yet, but the exit is within grasp and that light has grown brilliant enough to warm our bloodshot eyes. A welcome signpost signaling the end of the long journey is the return to public gatherings at packed NBA arenas, sold out MLB stadiums, and business events at convention centers — and YouMail attending ITEXPO!

In this article, we cover:

That’s right, YouMail is back in the flesh for ITEXPO at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida right now through Friday, June 25, at Booth #459. If you’re not familiar, ITExpo was first put on way back in 1999 in the days when Y2K was our biggest fear (how quaint). This year’s event is ITEXPO’s 38th rendition bringing together telecom and IT professionals, business executives and owners, developers, and channel sales to catch up, learn, network (and boast about which vaccine is their favorite).

But why is America’s best robocall blocking app hitting Miami Beach? Well, let’s just be clear, we’re hitting the convention center, not the hot white sands of The Magic City, unfortunately. Though we could probably use the tan, we’ve opted instead for the cool florescent lights of the convention hall to spread our robocall blocking mission to the biggest enterprises in the world.

Bank Accounts and Reputation: Everyone Has Something to Lose

Everyone from your dear grandmother to the largest global enterprise has something to lose. For your sweet Meemaw, YouMail can protect her identity and money from falling into the wrong hands. We’ve answered well over 10 billion calls and stopped over a billion robocalls from assaulting more than 350 million phone numbers. Thanks to all those repetitions, we have the YouMail Robocall Index, which powers our blocking and caller ID technology.

But what do the big enterprises stand to lose? While there have been reports of robocalls being used to scam CEOs out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (under the auspices that the victim thought he was talking to his boss, the chief executive of his firm’s parent company), we aren’t at the ITEXPO looking to protect C-level executives from one-off attacks, though they are welcome to download our app on iOS or Android to gain access to the best personal robocall blocker money can’t buy.

No, we’re in Miami-Dade County to offer our services in a different way. The answer to the question “What do big enterprises stand to lose?” — it’s their reputation. We’re using our vast resources to offer brand protection services to companies seeking to avoid damage to their brand’s reputation, because once their image is tarnished by fraudsters, it’s very difficult to put that toothpaste back in the tube.

The damage begins when fraudsters attack the elderly, the poor, anyone who is otherwise compromised in some way. Their modus operandi is to pose as the IRS, the bank, an insurance carrier, or any other organization whose legitimate call people would take very seriously. These bad actors use number spoofing to give the appearance that it is indeed a legitimate call from the purported business. And once they’ve sunk their hooks into their victim and wreaked their havoc (2.8 million robocall complaints were filed with the FTC in 2020) the real company incurs incidental damage. Even though it had nothing to do with the crime, the next time your business comes calling with a legitimate communication or offer, it will be met with very skeptical ears.

How Brand Protection Service by YouMail Works

YouMail can detect when imposters are corrupting your brand and works with carriers and US authorities to shut them down. Our monitoring is continuous, providing detailed intelligence about fraud types, frequency, and sources. We incorporate AI-powered analytics to detect these fraud campaigns, whether through human or synthesized speech, DID spoofing, duration, frequency, carrier network, and source location. We provide brand threat reports to provide complete visibility and objective evidence of imposter activity to provide the authorities. Our brand protection service can shut down telephony fraud at the source.

So if you happen to be in the Sunshine State this week walking the exhibit floor of ITEXPO (#techsupershow) at Miami Beach Convention Center and are in need of brand protection services (and for some reason chose not to cruise down Ocean Drive), drop by Booth #459, and we’ll be happy to give you all the information you need to protect your well-earned brand reputation.

Or, if you just want to come by to say “Hello”, that’s just fine too. Grab a stress ball!

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