How do you rid yourself of an unwanted house-guest? It’s an age-old question. It used to be that your annoying neighbor might pop in unannounced or a guest you felt obligated to invite over in the first place has overstayed his or her welcome. We’ve all been there. You try to send out the vibes that you are no longer interested in prolonging this interaction, but they don’t take the hint or are unwilling to receive it. But they are in your house! You can’t just make them disappear. Worse yet, they may feel so ingratiated to you, once they finally do leave, they may already be planning their next visit. How do you stop the visit and prevent them from ever coming back?

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The unwanted caller is very similar. Now that we carry around smartphones in cases the same way we carry our babies in swaddlers, to be intruded upon cellularly (or over VOIP) is quite intrusive. Back when land lines reigned supreme, we stymied unwanted callers by simply taking the phone off the hook. Unsolicited dialers were greeted by a busy tone rather than your disappointment that they were calling yet again.

But now that we bring our phones with us into the bathroom, that intrusive caller can ring us at our most exposed. It’s not necessarily their fault; no one’s twisting your arm to bring a little digital reading material with you to the John, but when it’s that particular caller who won’t leave you alone, they need to be wiped away.

Maybe it’s telemarketers. They sure are relentless. If you’ve told them once, you’ve told them a million times you don’t need their extended car warranty.

Perhaps it’s your ex. We get it, you’re a catch, but take a hint already. It’s over.

Quite likely these days, it was some sort of robocall scam. In August 2021, 34 percent of the 4.1 billion robocalls received were categorized as scams. That’s roughly 1.4 billion personal finance scams, debt collection schemes, timeshare cons, and countless other grift. If you live in the South, you’re likely taking the brunt of these interactions — Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston represent three of the top four cities in the United States receiving robocalls.

Better Call Blocking (Hint: It’s Not Your Carrier’s Blocker)

Whoever or whatever plagues your phone lines and sanity, you have recourse. More than likely your carrier provides some form of call blocking. Block a number and you never need hear from it again. But that’s a reactive measure.

You need to be attacked at least once in order to prevent it from happening again. And with unwanted callers being so wiley — scammy robocallers in particular — blocking a few phone numbers isn’t going to deter the persistent.

Spammers and scammers are experts at attacking their victims from a variety of phone numbers. Block one, and they will try from another. They’ve got the technology and patience to try again and again. They even share information over the dark internet, passing on your number as particularly vulnerable.

And your ex — well, there ain’t no deterring crazy.

Thankfully, you can do better. A third-party blocker, such as YouMail call blocking, is an easy-to-use technology that allows anyone to block spam calls. Drawing on years of research and mountains of data, we’ve built the best call blocker, regardless if you’re on Android or iOS. And when you download the YouMail mobile app and start receiving calls, we will automatically detect unwanted attempts, prevent the phone from ringing, and in fact play an “out of service” message after which the call is disconnected. YouMail instantly alerts you with an explanation of why the call was blocked, for example: “An IRS scam was blocked.” And their robocall systems mark your number as a dead end, removing you from their lists and future attempts.

Considering that one in every two calls received are likely unwanted, you need this technology and you needed it yesterday. Our rolodex of millions of unwanted callers supplies the fuel to stave off scammers, telemarketers, spammers, and debt collectors. We also give you the ability to add numbers to the list.

So get ready for some magic. When a number you have blocked is on your list, your phone won’t ring. The caller won’t even be allowed to leave a voicemail. Yes, it’s that simple.

YouMail protects more than 350 million phone numbers, has stopped more than a billion robocalls, and has answered well over 10 billion calls to date. If you need a bouncer for your phone, we’re the muscle you’ve been looking for.

Ready for your phone to ring less? Create your free account right here.

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