Credibility. In this world of intellectual independence — where big corporations no longer have a monopoly on the distribution of ideas, creativity, and products — credibility has become currency. It’s what moves mountains in the 21st century, usually through social media, the internet, and mobile devices. Credibility, or the tearing down that of others’, moves the masses, makes household names, and gives rise or fall to empires. Credibility is not to be taken lightly.

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To underestimate the importance of your credibility could be your biggest misstep in running a business. It’s always been true that consumers won’t give their hard-earned dollars to a brand that isn’t aligned with their values. That’s why celebrity endorsements are so powerful. It’s easy for a consumer to say, “I like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and he likes this brand. I’m in.” What’s different now than in years past is all the information at our disposal. One misstep by The Rock or on your brand’s social media, and success turns to failure.

There are more subtle forms of credibility at play too. Have you ever considered purchasing a product you never heard of, checked out its website, and were so turned off by what you found — perhaps it was visually unappealing, unsophisticated, or plain bad — you completely abandoned the notion?

The same thing happens on the phone.

Perhaps you’ve been interested in a local service, but the company’s area code placed it the next county over. Or when you called, their voicemail didn’t seem all that polished.

“Sorry I missed you, leave a message after the beep.”

Maybe when you called, someone picked up with a simple, “Hello?” That’s not how credible businesses answer the phone or ask you to leave a message. It may all seem minor to a small business owner, but it can add up.

It’s “death from a thousand papercuts,” as they say. Do you ever feel like you’ve got a great product, an impeccable website, but for some reason you can’t seem to gain any traction in the market? You may need to consider how you present yourself across all channels, not just the flashy ones.

The Benefits of Creating a Second Phone Number for Business Calls

A small business owner may feel like he or she doesn’t have the juice to present well on the phone. Operating lines in specific area codes, using a vanity number, employing a dedicated operator, or implementing automated call routing can all seem way out of reach. The truth is it’s all very attainable.

One of the most fundamental steps is setting up a business line. That smartphone of yours is a supercomputer in your pocket. You no longer need multiple handsets to or a constellation of illuminated hold buttons to manage more than one line. You can add a complete second phone line dedicated to business calls right to your mobile device.

  • This second line can be tied to a phone number in an area code of your choosing. Why would you be interested in a different area code? Perhaps you want to better project greater regional coverage. For example, if you’re in Los Angeles, you might naturally have a 323 number, but if you cover most of Southern California, it’d be beneficial to have numbers in the 213, 818, 626, 310, 424, 562, 714, and 949. Do not underestimate how much a particular area code can also project affluence, credibility, and reach.
  • Your second line can even be a vanity number. While 1-900-MIX-A-LOT is likely already taken (kick your nasty thoughts and other business needs elsewhere), just like an earworm of a radio jingle, making your number more memorable with a vanity hook could be just what your business needs. A vanity number can also be very descriptive. We’ll give you one guess what you’re getting yourself into calling 312-BIKE-FIX or 214-CAR-LOAN.
  • And with so many coals on the fire, it’s easy to allow your business interest get a little too close to your personal life. That’s why creating a second phone number is a great way to know the nature of every call you receive. If a call comes in on your personal line, you can keep your greeting casual. If a call comes in on your business line, however, you know to put on your A game and answer the phone like the polished professional you are. If you’re unable to answer, you can set up each line with its own unique voicemail greeting to suit the context. YouMail not only can set you up with that second phone number, we can even set you up with custom voicemail greetings, professional greetings, and personalized greetings.

Block by block, YouMail can help build you and your brand’s credibility on the phone. Check out our business features, including adding a second phone line, today.

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