Remember when the iPhone was the second coming? The original Apple smartphone brought with it a paradigm shift with each subsequent refresh adding new, mind-blowing features. Believe it or not, back in 2009, Apple announced the addition of copy and paste to its “iPhone OS 3.0” (that was the old naming convention before iOS) and the iPhone 3GS, and everybody went absolutely bonkers. It was like the Beatles touching down in America for the first time. Nowadays, we live in a world where putting a buttery smooth 120Hz display (aka “ProMotion”) hardly elicits a polite clap. Indeed, Apple’s paradigm shift led to a crowded market of smartphones that are all nearly as capable as one another, from Pixels to Galaxies to other entries from Nokia, OnePlus, Motorola, LG, Sony. So how is it possible that Apple maintains its relevance? Personalization gives Apple its edge. And all businesses should strive to do the same.

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Despite the fact that the world seems to let out a collective sigh at the news of ProMotion, 5G cellular, and HDR video being packaged with Apple’s latest handset, consumers still buy it by the tens of millions. It’s gotten to the point where the features aren’t so much the main selling point anymore, it’s the lifestyle. People want to be just like the free-spirited artists, athletes, and professionals in the ads. A huge part of creating an aspirational brand is speaking to your audience directly. Criticize Apple all you want for rebranding existing tech and calling it “new,” but the company absolutely excels at knowing its audience and demonstrating in the most personal way how each new feature should fit their lifestyles.

Rather than copying Apple’s color pallet or staccato brand voice, businesses should focus instead on personalizing the buying journey they ask their customers to undertake. And what’s one of the first actions a potential customer takes with real intent? It’s the moment he or she picks up the phone.

But you aren’t always available to take part in those early calls personally. So rather than trying to figure out how to clone yourself and your best staff, you might want to check out custom call greetings.

Everyone knows regular voicemail greetings, and they are all fine and good, but a custom call greeting welcomes your callers with automated intelligence. It can be a pre-recorded greeting that acknowledges the caller by name and even plays a customized message for them. With a service such as YouMail, you have the option to record each custom greeting yourself, pick from dozens of previously recorded greetings from our catalog, or upload your own audio file. You even assign a specific greeting for each individual caller, all of which you can change in an instant.

If you think custom call greetings aren’t worth the effort, consider that 60 percent of customers prefer to call small businesses on the phone. Ninety percent of Americans consider customer service a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. And 71 percent of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. In other words, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of establishing a strong bond with potential customers over the phone, and call greeting personalization may hold the key in differentiating your brand.

YouMail Makes Personalization Ridiculously Easy

When it comes to finding just the right vibe to strike with your incoming calls, YouMail has you covered. Visit our extensive library of nearly 10,000 voicemail greetings to find just the right one for you. Our greetings are sortable by popularity, user ratings, and categories such as professional, funny, celebrity, inspirational, even foreign language.

Assigning your custom call greeting couldn’t be easier. Simply tap on the settings tab, tap on “Greetings,” tap “Smart Greetings,” and follow the on-screen instructions. To change the greeting for a specific contact, tap “Add Contacts” and select from your list of saved YouMail contacts to choose who will hear that greeting. To use a pre-recorded greeting from our library, simply tap the big plus button at the bottom-right of the Greetings screen, tap “Browse Greetings,” and find the right one for you.

The best part is that custom call greetings are part of any YouMail plan, all the way from our Free personal account, all the way to our feature-filled business plans. Our plans also include a bundle of other useful business tools, including a handy second phone number, smart auto attendant, a unified inbox, powerful robocall blocking, and more.

Ready to start delivering the most personalized customer service in your industry? Get started with a YouMail business plan now.

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