Life is like a party. At least, that’s how it should be, right? Like all soirées, there are people you want to party with — people who know you, get you, and are fun to be around. Then there are people you’d rather not have at your party — maybe they’re pushy, obnoxious, or their personality is robotic. Just don’t invite them, right? Well, sometimes they show up anyway (all the more reason they’re considered lame). That’s why the best parties hire bouncers to keep out uninvited guests. So again, if life is like a party, who is the bouncer in your life? With so much of our lives occurring remotely, the party is often happening on your communication method of choice. In a Zoom meeting, for example, the “bouncer” is the meeting passcode. No code, no entry. Over the phone, there is no passcode, so it is far more difficult to filter out uninvited guests. They just call, oftentimes under a false pretense, and make themselves at home in your head. The phone — your own personal party — needs a bouncer. You need a call blocker.

In this article, we cover:

So how do these party-crashers, most often robocallers, manage to get their business into your ear? Their most common ploy is to subvert your carrier’s caller ID with number spoofing. That’s how they appear on your caller ID as the FBI, IRS, or your financial institution. It’s how they get your guard down so you’ll start believing their fraudulent mumbo jumbo. The next thing you know, you’re giving away your Social Security Number, your bank account number, and naming your first born after them. Maybe you’re too savvy to fall for their hijinks. Good for you. But what about your grandma?

No, not Meemaw!

All due respect, but our elders have other, more important matters to attend to, like continuing some hokey chain-letter post on Facebook, monitoring whether you’ve got clean underwear on, or banking at an actual physical real-world bank (who does that??). In other words, Grams needs a bouncer. But not some yolked Mr. Clean doppelganger in a three-sizes-too-small T-shirt. She needs a call blocker. Thankfully, even Abuela likely has a smartphone these days, so you can do MUCH better than a landline answering machine and a prayer.

Unfortunately, as much as we trust Apple for every single thing, they don’t provide the end-all be-all solution for call blocking. This is one of those things that they’ve decided to sit out and let third parties handle. Google and Android do the same. And hey, no knock on any of them; this is just the very thing their app stores were built for (well, to rake in billions of dollars a year on in-app purchases too).

Help Us Help Your Grandma

So Nana needs protection, and we seem to be insinuating that there is an app that can provide her with some muscle. Well, look no further than the dot-com in the address bar for this post: YouMail. If you want to stop unwanted calls and your built-in call blocker doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, we have just the thing.

YouMail has been around since the inception of the smartphone itself: 2007. And just as the iPhone started out with a measly 16 built-in apps that eventually matured into a 2.22-million-app behemoth (Google Play has even more — 3.48 million apps!), we too have done some growing up. Our solutions answer more than a billion live calls per year across well over 10 million registered users. This is America’s most robust telephone sensor network in identifying and providing zero-hour protection against illegal calling campaigns and cyberattacks.

At the heart of our efforts is the Robocall Index, the nation’s definitive source on telephone network activity and attacks — because if you’re answering a billion calls, of course you’ve got some serious data on your hands. This data allows us to see robocalling crimes in progress. As specific scams and spam go viral, we are aware of which numbers you need to avoid. In other words, we’ve got the ultimate guest list for the biggest party line in the nation. And you know what bouncers do with guest lists, right? They block entry with great vengeance and furious anger.

So, Yia Yia needs a good call blocker to protect her from the tyranny of evil robocalls, and the carrier and the first-party apps aren’t going to save her. But will you?

Stop unwanted calls to her cell phone (and yours) with YouMail’s no-hassle call blocker today.

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